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  1. Polymath820

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Appreciate the answer nkey. I'll be able to setup that radio-tower array now.
  2. Polymath820

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Any chance you would have the radio power distance for each radio?
  3. Polymath820

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    How would you rebind it in run-time as I am having no luck and is the 0.2 a limit? Of how much can be applied?
  4. Polymath820

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    player setVariable ["tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator",3.0]; player setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", 2.0]; Anyway this can be edited locally on the fly via script? I've tried several times using a trigger it will not change the value when I want. Say for example I was using this to create a pseudo radio-tower on said triggers and depending if players were present or not increase or decrease the sending / receiving distance?
  5. What will be happening to Altis Life in relationship to extDB?
  6. I found a solution. The setTimeMultiplier works. put it on high speed till it reaches the desired value. Then slow it down again.
  7. Polymath820

    Would you buy a DLC with more UAV content?

    UAVs? Machineguns on UAVs not possible, atleast not small ones.
  8. I am writing a weather script that is more advanced than the Bohemia version, which generates lightning around clients singular at a time, with varying degrees of repeated events etc. Also are PublicVariable Event Handlers treated the same way as in "non-scheduled" just like other eventhandlers?
  9. This is a weather simulation Platform that is designed to make arma 3 weather simulation more realistic at this time, it's much barebones and will be improved upon, depending on how many people actually make use of it. There is a lot of redundant file. (Link removed pending update) Usage: in the init.sqf _syncWeatherHandle = [] spawn SWS_fnc_CoreGeneratorSync; and in description.ext class CfgFunctions { #include "SWS_Functions\cfgfunctions.hpp" }; To be done: Bug severities [Minor,Major,Critical,Severe] Bug status [Fixed,Unfixed,Partially Fixed]; Addition Priorities [Low,Medium,High,Immediate] Addition Status [Done, Not-Done, Partially Done] Bugs: [Minor] [Fixed] Out-of bounds on array selection allowed _PoolStore to become undefined. [Minor] [unfixed] Undefined PublicVariable due to being un-created. Changelog: SurealWeatherSystem: 0.02a(alpha) [High] [Done] Bypass normal lightning generation, and thunder [High] [Done] Lightning Now has varied Pitch a Volume [High] [Done] Double and Triple duplicate lightning events [High] [Not Done] Varied Volume and Pitch depending on distance created from player [High] [Not Done] Better Usage documentation [High] [Not Done] Reduce loading on object creation. [High] [Partially Done] Improve network handling and move publicVariable broadcasts to main generatorthread [Medium] [Not-Done] Cause electromagnetic and electrical damage to vehicles that get struck (engine and headlight failure) (car dead) [Medium] [Partially Done] Rain System improved much more advanced rain generation. [Medium] [Partially Done] Look into eliminating unecessary instructions or reducing number of instructions.
  10. I've been following you extensively Killzone_Kid, but the Multiplayer scripting you've posted is now out of date due to multitudes of new commands coming out. Theres quite a few things I need cleared up such as, how to optimise and reduce the amount of network calls etc. To clients. I look at PublicVariable but was unsatisfied with it. How the execVM works and a few other things I can't yet clear up, in addition to the several new entry init areas of scripts for multiplayer such as https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Event_Scripts The many different ways multiplayer works is both overwhelming and confusing. I've also been doing experimentation with cfgfunctions.hpp and it's pre-init, post-init capabilities. An testing "VM Multi-threads", with synchronization between each thread. The question I've got to ask which one of all these is actually the right way to do it? The reason I ask all of this is due to me writing a weather script that has each component separated into it's own function-as-file, and I wondered if I would cause problems attempting to network propergate entire functions via publicVariable, or it's variants?
  11. Where can I find an extensive guide to multiplayer scripting?
  12. Download this program and tell me while running arma 3. 1. The GPU usage and CPU usage 2. The mission you are playing.
  13. Polymath820

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Firstly I am not a law student by any stretch of the imagination but, I do know that A3L is likely to have violated the copyright act in regards to fair-use. The reason for this is the copyright act of fair-use clearly states that if they are using copyrighted content for satire, parody or commentary then it is deemed fair-use. But given the situation in which copyrighted material is utilised in order to gain profit and or deprive, the copyright owner of income or profits then it is generally not defined as a fair-use. ""The Effect of the Use Upon the Potential Market""" So the usage of TM(Trademarked company names) including vehicles, vehicle emblems, vehicle interiors and other arts, including the potential use of stolen models from other games which violates as the digital mellenium act regarding digital protection and is considered and deemed, "reverse engineering" with intent of re-use in other games / programs is deemed violation of digital protection measures and therefore technically prosecutable. In respect of them lacking the specific permission from respective companies and lack of fair-use by definition as expressed by Standford university. Bibliographic References: Fair-use,Standford University,What is Fair use,http://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/fair-use/what-is-fair-use/," 2005–2014,11/25/2014
  14. Polymath820

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Didn't everyone not read what I said, they are using copyrighted trademarks that can get them in extreme trouble if you just send a polite letter to the companies who own the trademarks.
  15. Polymath820

    New Anti-aliasing CMAA

    Bohemia released on the last Dev-branch a new type of anti-aliasing similiar to SMAA but less cost and better image quality. If you would like to preview it please go here. https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/conservative-morphological-anti-aliasing-cmaa