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  1. I have a problem with a Mohawk as a heavy lifter When hes at default spot im getting an hud for lifting and he can lift nearly everything.. But i dont like the spot where everything is spawned so i moved everything to other place at the airfield. Now the Mohacwk doesnt has the hud anymore and he cant lift anything anymore??? i didnt changed any parameter i only moved everything. Could someone help me with this?
  2. I have a respawn problem with tha F/A 18 on our server once destroyed it wont respawn? i have tryed the respawn in the editor and with description.ext both times the plane wont respawn? i do have an error message on bottom of the screen wich i dont know what to do with it? SOLVED:))
  3. Joerie

    Hardcore insurgency

    How can i insert something that a ch-49 can lift vehicles? i tried with adding scripts but still no luck?
  4. Joerie

    Hardcore insurgency

    I would gladly do a new update with you i do have some nice ideas but i aint that good with editing, Only with simple editing thingys i can do. But would be awesome to do one with you:))