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  1. Guys, I read somewhere about HC being broken, is it true? Sometimes spawning enemies into HC won't work.
  2. I changed the folder name to @Iraq and it worked for me.
  3. Your mod is great! Thanks for providing us with good quality OPFOR units! Just an idea, what if you create configs to use Reyhard Statics Weapons and Tanks?
  4. badder

    Titan Warfare Pack .2b

    C'mon, you guys are more concerned than the authors itself, don't worry, if he is lying (which I don't believe), the authors will contact the administrators for sure. Nice job man! Great initiative!
  5. I think BI should invite you to make part of their sound team, your job is amazing! Good luck!
  6. badder

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Wow! There we go! Congrats on the release mate.
  7. Very nice job, congratulations!
  8. Wow, we are all amazed!!!! Incredible piece of art, good luck on this project and you have our votes for the contest!
  9. badder

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Wow, people don't even read 2 pages back before posting. Cant' wait to play with new RH babies, your weapons are the best.
  10. badder

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Really happy to see you LJ, your sound mod is the best one out there (my opinion) and would be sad to play it with broken features. Really appreciate!!!
  11. Zorrobyte, It would be possible to cache units placed after the mission started? I mean, If I spawn units using MCC, they won`t be cached.
  12. Congratulations, will check it for sure.
  13. badder


    Mate, I know that all these features can be found on another mods, but I want to use this mod ONLY, because is the best one and I don't want my dedicated server running several AI mods at the same time. The only possibility could be including TPWCAS which is a pretty nice mod and does not affect other AI mods, but the bCombat, ASR and the others I don't know if would work together. BTW, I know that you are TPWCAS developer and congratulations on this job.
  14. badder


    Hi Mapoule, To make this addon even more perfect, I think you guys could implement a suppression system that is really efective. Suppression is mandatory on military tactics. Also, a morale system would be nice. Thanks
  15. badder

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi, Do you guys know if AGM ballistics would effect HLC, Massi and RH M4 weapons?