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  1. Yes, I love the Ace Mod :) Thank you Guys!
  2. The 3rd Marine Corps want you! Go in Combat with the 1st Infantry Division, they are the strongest and important Division in our Clan. Or fly our troops into Combat zones, the 5th Air Squadron is a all rounder, they doing CAS or Transport mission for our Infantry. Join the 10th Recon Division, they are thousands of miles away from the Front line to bring the HQ Intel about enemy movement. The 3rd Marine Corps is a fresh new Clan for Arma 3 we play Coop Missions our mission maker have a lot of experience. We try to be realistic gameplay, our key is the Teamwork and tactic. If you are 18 years Old you can join us. So don’t waste your time and join :rolleyes: www.3rdmarinecorps.de
  3. Very Nice, please more :) have you Imported the Weapons of Arma 2 ?
  4. Mcgloin

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    I don't like the CSAT side with this Futuristic Weapons and the Ifrit.... Arma 2 has more Content (Jets,Big Airplanes, Static Weapons etc.) Arma 2 has no Futuristic Content like the Commanche/Ifrit/MX Weapons etc...... Why the Commanche ? why not the AH-64 ? I like booth games but Arma 2 a little bit more, because the Modern Weapons and other content.
  5. Mcgloin

    Random Questions About Features

    Dear Bis, I have some question about future content, you will release the Jets with the last Episode of the Campaign (BTW a good Campaign). But what is about big airplanes like the C-130 (for every faction of course) or more static weapons like the D-30 from Arma 2 OA ? will find this content or more content the way into the Game ?
  6. Mcgloin

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Thanks for the Work. Keep up the Work :)