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  1. Danish_Ice [NBG]


    We have this problem in my clan , that the radio bugs in multiplayer on our server. This startede after eden update. Somtimes we can here the one sending twice like ecco, and the settings is right in plugins on the radio were it is installed, also on the team spek it is activatet and the userconfig is right. So I really dont know what more to do ? Anyone ?
  2. Danish_Ice [NBG]

    Cannot create Dx11 Device. Error DXGI_Error_unsupported

    moricky, on 25 Feb 2016 - 15:50, said: Do this and it will work I am sure.
  3. Corret, I did this and all works only not using the descripiton.ext.. I still use it just removed the respawndely in it, rest works for me.
  4. Got the same problem, removet the respawndelay = "60"; and it works
  5. Danish_Ice [NBG]

    Cant see or select rolles in Multiplayer (EDEN EDITOR)

    Hi Skagget I fixet it one our server now. I updatet the mod pack, new CBA and then the same on the server. Now all works fine ;-) /Ice
  6. I love eden editor, but I have one big problem. When I have made my mission and savet is like export to multiplayer, and oplodet it to the server. Then when I lode the mission, I cannot see my slots(men) ?? Please advise Thx Ice :wacko: