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  1. krihelion

    This isn't a mod issue it seems...

    No, but im not understanding, this has never been a problem before... Can't even search the classname to figure out what is on the map causing this..
  2. 12:19:00 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.A3_Structures_F_Exp_Civilian_Garages 12:19:00 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.A3_Structures_F_Exp_Civilian_Garages This seems to be a new apex file, I have validated, reinstalled arma, ect. This issue persists upon trying to join the server, no one else is having the issue.
  3. krihelion

    Eden w/ Modded Items

    Currently my eden props listing has no buildings, and is missing random items from some modded content. Is there anyway to fix this? I recall being able to place weapons, all buildings, and all modded items a couple months back...
  4. krihelion


    How is this done? Is there a way I can turn the 3D file into an SQM?
  5. Hey, at least you didn't get banned for absolutely nothing like I did, BE doesnt respond to multiple emails across multiple months, and no one in this community will stand up to battle eye, even though it has banned legitimate players like myself in the past.
  6. RP Project What is your life? Website TS3: Sick of the normal servers that are found dotting the ArmA life space? Sick of getting gunned down by civilians and cops alike? Do you want to experience what actual roleplay is? We have named ourselves the Roleplay Project for a simple reason, we are here to roleplay. An immersive, realistic and fun experience trumps all else. Come roam the streets and start a business, or maybe run a gang. Join the Sheriff's Office and be a LEO in the best ran department on ArmA. Maybe saving lives is more your speed? Our state of the art Emergencies Services Unit is there for you. Stop settling for anything left than the best, and join us today. 100% In-house built mission framework Seasoned Administrators(No Children!) Expertly ran Police and EMS Custom modpack coming soon! Join us for a new era of ArmA life, one where actual roleplay is the focus.
  7. krihelion

    BI has just lost a customer

    This perplexes me then, I checked and checked, I had no process running. What makes even less sense, is the time delay between playing, and being banned. I have not used cheat engine in the past 48 hours at least.
  8. krihelion

    BI has just lost a customer

    It really is not. Not to mention I have had this program installed all the way back to ArmA2, and is a pretty common program. It's name is cheat engine, but its applications are much broader than cheating.
  9. krihelion

    BI has just lost a customer

    Pretty much, I understand that cheat engine has it applications with life servers and what not, but come on, the program was not even running, let alone attached to the arma exe.
  10. krihelion

    BI has just lost a customer

    Normally I don't make these type of threads, but this is just purely insanity. To preface, I have not played for 6+ months, with most of my 1600 hours coming from MilSim with a bit of Battle Royale. Myself and a friend decided to hop on yesterday, I had not launched for a while and had accidentally deleted all my document files, so ArmA lost all of its configurations. I reconfigured, and we went to join a King of the Hill server before I headed out to work. Upon joining, I was faced with "BE is not enabled". I clicked I believe it was Agree, and headed out of the game to fix it. I enabled it, restarted it, same thing. I noticed there was a log, and the issue was referencing CheatEngine. A program I have had installed forever, even when I played before, for testing/strat theories on Paradox Interactive games. Anyways, it was in red so I figured it was the issue, and went ahead and deleted it. I then launched, and was able to join the server, save for walk around a bit, I did nothing before I headed out to work. Upon returning from work, I noticed I had been kicked for idle, and thought nothing of it. I then began working on forming a new MilSim group, and did not enter any servers. I loaded up some mods through playwithsix to make a new modpack, and thats about it. About 30 minutes ago, we decided to try out Battle Royale again, and I went to check one of the servers. Upon joining I was faced with a Global Ban error message. I tried a few other servers, same thing. I really cannot put into words how I feel about this, and have since sent a email to battle eye support. However, I recall a buddy of mine, who is honorable as they come, and I can assure you has never touched anything cheat related, was also banned during A3 alpha, and was not unbanned. This is just ridiculous in my mind, I have spent 1600, nearly 1700 hours on this game, and have not played in over 6 months. Being banned for having a program? Are you kidding me? I checked task manager for running processes, nothing. If that was not the issue, it gets even more ridiculous. But it had to of been, other than deleting my documents folder, and downloading some mods, my ArmA3 interaction has been nothing for months. If in the slim chance I am actually unbanned, I'll think nothing less of the company. But right now, with the odds overwhelmingly looking like I wasted 60 dollars, I will be parting ways with BI.
  11. The Role Play Project is the next generation of the life role play in Arma 3! We are completely rebuilding the framework from scratch with all new features and a completely different feel than the previous Altis Life mod. We are currently developing the framework and models that will be used in our servers. We are taking role play to a whole new level which we consider "Hardcore RP" and do not tolerate bad RP nor trolls who claim to be role playing. To help weed out trolls and bad role players, we will only allow whitelisted players onto our servers, which applications are currently open to become whitelisted. Once whitelisted you will be able to participate in creating a business or run for an elected official position within the community. We currently are seeking additional developers to become apart of the community at this time. If you are interested in becoming a developer in the RP Project community, please contact "Lifeman" on our website after your whitelist application is accepted. Website: www.RPProject.net Teamspeak 3: RPProject.ts3dns.com Server IPs: currently in development
  12. krihelion

    Looking for help

    We are a non-profit, not offering any sort of donation perks. As such, we will not be offering monetary compensation for any development work. Good Evening, I represent a brand new life community named Roleplay Project headed up by developer Lifeman. We are currently looking for another skilled modeler to help us out in development of Buildings, Vehicles and Gear. About our project We are completely building a new gamemode, utilizing 100% original code from our development team, as well as 100% in-house vehicles. We have already made great strides in the gamemode, which can be found here: http://www.rpproject.net/index.php?/topic/37-rp-project-mission-changelog/#entry147 As with any project, the more help the better. We are looking to sign on any modelers to fill in gaps where needed. Mainly, Gear and Building development. We are attempting to execute a revolutionary new take on life, that has not been realized since the days of Arma 2. We are putting a huge emphasis on roleplay and more sandboxish elements. We have an extremely well set up police department, with our chief coming from a Law Enforcement background. Contacting Us Feel free to contact me in this thread, or via PM on this forum. Alternatively you can contact us on the following platforms: Eforc43@gmail.com RPProject.Net - PM Charles Grey rpproject.ts3dns.com - TS3 Thanks for reading, Charles Grey Founder Roleplay Project RPProject.net
  13. krihelion

    Lookinf for modded life server

    http://www.rpproject.net/ We are young, but we have a great team and we are creating a mission/vehicles from scratch, you can expect something playable within a month or two. If you have any questions, feel free to post on the forums.
  14. Myself and a friend are looking to fit into an already well established Mil-Sim unit. We are 2 persons strong and looking to establish a 12 man Special Forces "ODA" in the near future to conduct precision operations and further enhance the larger units mission. We can provide unparalleled realism in Small Unit Tactics, marksmanship, CQB, advanced infiltration techniques and much more! We can help recruit, advise operations and command, create maps, missions, provide specialized training and manage servers all while offer a very challenging Mil-Sim experience that some players are looking for! My partner on this has 11+ years of active duty experience in the US Army and is active in 7th SFG. US Eastern Time zone preferred! PM or reply here and lets talk!
  15. My bad, I read the above post wrong, when I preview the mission, it goes to a loading screen, then jumps to the Altis loading screen before settling on a blank Altis in the editor