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  1. Lunatic104

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    However, having looked at the text in the scripts, there is no reference to "if is Server", "Dedicated" or "HC" so from a first look, I would suggest that this is CooP with AI and not humans, hence the redefining.
  2. Lunatic104

    VAS in Zeus

    Unfortunatley the Zeus ammo boxes don't have an Init line. That said other objects do. Place an ammo Hemmt and use the init you would in 2d editor...eh voila one vas enabled HEMMT.
  3. Ollem, any news on the AI in buildings not returning to the standing? This script is excellent and as such, IMHO this is the only small gripe I can find. It would really polish off what is an already great script. Cheers, Lunatic.
  4. Code34 this is a much needed add-on. Can you stop the civies from running around too much? Secondly, can you add this so they only spawn in a marker area, as opposed to a radius around teh player. The reason being, I wish to make missions where combat indicators are used (presence of the abnormal or absence of the normal) so in a village when you get there , the civies have all cleared out, indicating an enemy presence.
  5. Any idea when the next iteration will be released? As this MOD rocks, it completely changes firefights.
  6. Failing that use a trigger to initiate it and use the timer function. If you want to make the script sleep for a minimum time you can always use sleep 400 +random 100;
  7. I get this too. It even refers to scripts that I have used in missions, which aren't even addons. This really frustrating, I'm trying to locate the file that has stored this info, finding that will be the key, I can then manually delete.
  8. Lunatic104

    New CSAT forces MBT

    To be honest, you have the turrets the wrong way round. One is AA the other is AT, teh AT will be trying to fire across the ground, whilst the AA will most likely be firing up, so the barrels will collide and prevent the turrets from traversing.
  9. Lunatic104

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    I get the freezing too. Did you use the "fortify" command? When I remove this it no longer freezes.
  10. It has been mentioned before that the AI won't stand back up when in a building, the work around posted worked, but now the script has been amended, I can't for the life of me figure how to get AI in buildings to again be suppressed and stand back up and fire. Any suggestions? The red text is the old text, black was modded to get the AI to stand back up and the blue is the new, but the AI again won't stand back up.
  11. Any chance you'll be adding the Jackal to this?