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  1. LCpl Aaron

    Weapon Animation

    you need to move the weapon bone in the animations p3d file. it moves in the reverse of what you move it, it pretty much goes left when you move right. ect. idk why its funky my only guess is when you export it to OB (if your using an outside rig) its taking the center as the relative position of where it was when it was imported. maybe some has some more information about that than i do.
  2. what your looking for is memory points not LODs get in positions are stored in the memory LOD then used in the config as a memorypointgetincargo[] = {all,the,slots,that,take,up,the,array}(im pretty sure thats the command). i did a quick skim through the arma 3 commands so idk what you could use to return the positions of a selected vehicle. but maybe this will give you an idea of a direction to head in. i believe you can run somthing through the config to look for a certain entry but i cant remember what it is. hope this helps.
  3. LCpl Aaron

    Error with my script

    its been awhile since i have done anything in sqf(been elbow deep in c++ for the last 3 months) but maybe its not liking that "phrasing" of the condition while being compared? maybe waitUntil { _randomVar = _A10C getVariable "Rearming_done_switch"; // pretty sure this would just be a readability thing but again, im rusty on my sqf and could be completely unnecessary. (_randomVar == 1) }; would work? the way this reads to me (from my c++ corrupted mind) is it sets the variable, stores "Rearming_done_switch" then waits for it to equal 1 (or what ever value you need it to be) if you havent tried this approach, try it, your original idea looks correct but doesnt look savy with sqf syntax. the code i have written takes into consideration that the default value has already been defined, the way zigo did it was correct syntactically also. (i think)
  4. LCpl Aaron

    Arma3 Models and Mudbox

    zbrush has a good re-topology tool but nothing beats the good old poly tools in max(as PuFu said im just reiterating), idk if mudbox has decent retop tools because autodesk makes most of their apps to kinda "rely" on each other. if you cant get get a student version of max, maya lt is way more affordable , or modo they have pretty good retop tools from what i have seen could even say superior to max in some ways a little more pricey then maya LT though.
  5. LCpl Aaron

    Help with surface of model.

    make sure every face has 4 or fewer sides, OB goes nuts at the sight of an Ngon and attempts to make it a quad or tri. or wont import it at all. also make sure your not triangulating when you export as obj, if you want it triangulated do it manually, the exporter may not triangulate in a shader friendly way.
  6. LCpl Aaron

    Particle Effects Dust on ship

    if you havent tried on the roadway LOD i would try that next, if that doesnt work i dont know what would work. if all else fails try to apply somthing to the geometry LOD.
  7. LCpl Aaron

    handanim guide?

    i still havent figured out exactly where it should go yet i just approximate where it should go and see where the hands are in game and adjust it from there. The weapon bone has an inverse relationship to the hands in game, so if your looking at the character head on left is right in game and up is down and vice versa. and i meant export from OB to MAX as 1000 scale i apologize i wasnt as clear as i intended im not that good of a teacher lol. if everything still isnt clear i will do a more proper write up w/ pictures and maybe a video. after you get the workflow down it isnt hard to do.
  8. LCpl Aaron

    Particle Effects Dust on ship

    you have to assign a diffrent rvmat to the fire geo lod i believe, it works with shooting the surface so maybe it is something similar while driving on it. If nothing else is applied it defaults to ground. look in A3\data_f pbo to find the ones BI uses.
  9. LCpl Aaron

    handanim guide?

    i currently use a modified version of Kiory's rig (kiory is to thank for pretty much everything outlined here), only thing i really did was add ik and controller helpers for the fingers, really noobly done but it works and was easier to work with from my point of view. http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/615929/a3-Rig-zip.html (saved this out as max 2012 as i have 2015 so i hope it is compatible with your version) basically this is all you have to do to do hand anims for a gun. 1. to get your gun for reference get it in game and to scale then export as fbx at the 1000 scale to have it 1:1 in max with o2. 2. frame 0 should stay in the T-Pose (basically dont touch it). (make sure you turn auto key on) 3. on frame 2 and beyond raise the entire rig up to the grid "floor"(if your doing hand animations there is no need to go into any further frames) 4. put your refrence mesh of the gun about where it would be and move the weapon bone to where you think may be close (may have to tweak it later in O2 still havent figured out how to sort this correctly in max) 5. hide the skin and the weapon and select everything and export as fbx (before you hit ok we have to change some settings) 6. go to the units tab and make sure it says meters. 7. FBX file format should be type: ASCII, Version : FBX 2011(you should only have to do this once) 8. hit export. 9. open in o2 and click on the bone and circle named selections and delete them and the geometry leaving only the properly named bones. 10. in the animations keyframe box, change frame 0.0000000 to -0.5000000 and change frame 0.010000 to 0.000000 and delete the rest of the frames(you only need the t pose and 1 frame of the hands) 11. right click in keyFrame box and hit export matrices and exported it where ever you choose. thats the workflow as i have sorted out with some help from the amazing Kiory. It may not be the best rig nor the best work flow but it works and is something to build from. i hope this helps.
  10. LCpl Aaron

    RTD Rotorlib

    you to add *.xml; to your files to ignore in addon builder so it doesn't binirize it.
  11. hit me up on steam, i know a thing or two about RVMATS.
  12. LCpl Aaron

    Turtle's Armory

    unfortunately so far my testing has not been successful in getting a plane simulation vehicle to use sling loading. so sling loading "may" not be possible on the MV22B but i wont rule it out completely until i have time to test some more. -CWO2 Aaron
  13. wow, i dont know why i didnt think about that. thank you.
  14. so i have made a custom gunner RTM and i have it in game however it does not travel with the turret at all. am i missing somthing? here is my rtm config if i may have missed somthing here. class CfgMovesBasic { class DefaultDie; class ManActions { SOV_Driver = "SOV_Driver"; SOV_Gunner_MK19 = "SOV_Gunner_MK19"; SOV_Cargo_back = "SOV_Cargo_back"; };//end man actions };//end moves basic //defining where the animations are class CfgMovesMaleSdr: CfgMovesBasic { class States { class Crew; class KIA_SOV_Driver: DefaultDie { actions = DeadActions; file=GMVS\data\anims\driver_02.rtm; speed = 0.5; looped=false; terminal = 1; soundEnabled=0; connectTo[] = {DeadState,0.1}; }; class SOV_Driver: Crew { file=GMVS\data\anims\driver_02.rtm; interpolateTo[]={KIA_SOV_Driver,1}; }; class SOV_Gunner_MK19: Crew { file=\GMVS\data\anims\Gunner_01_MK19.rtm; interpolateTo[]={KIA_SOV_Driver,1}; }; class SOV_Cargo_back :DefaultDie { file=\GMVS\data\anims\cargo_01_GM.rtm; interpolateTo[]={KIA_SOV_Driver,1}; }; };//emd states
  15. LCpl Aaron

    Trying to model Combined Sewers

    you have the right idea, idk about the terrain builder part but i have done experiments with using CrySDK to sculpt a little bit of terrain and export it as bmp to use in terrain builder recently, and it seemed to work pretty well, so in theory you could do most of the work in crySDK, place the objects, sculpt the terrain the way you need it to be and export( you can also do this is mudbox, since you already have max it shouldnt be an issue to get mudbox aswell). and i know in max if i create somthing to scale i can export it as FBX and it will be 1:1 scale wise, you have to adjust some export settings but it can be done.