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  1. Hello, I have been making missions for Zeus for a while, but obviously, importing sounds into mission files makes them really big. It's gotten to where players are sometimes stuck on Receiving Data because there's just so much to load (even though they have downloaded the actual PBO from my Dropbox). I want to be able to go back and have a 500 KB mission file, and have the sounds isolated. Do you know if there's a way I can make a mod exclusively for sounds? I want to use them selectively, such as a radio playing music and such. I want to isolate them from the mission file, but still be able to play them. Thank you!
  2. Hello everybody! You know how you can input a command to an AI as Zeus, in the Execute line, such as "_this allowDamage false;" ? How do you do that to players individually? I'm testing commands through the debug console and either it affects everyone or nobody. I've also tried Target debugging as is possible, but something such as "make screen blurry" only lasts about two seconds and goes back to normal. As well, commands like "_this allowDamage false;" "player allowDamage false;" et cetera do not work in Target Execution. I want to be able to modify players seperately, and change things as Zeus, instead of adjusting all players. Please help me with this!
  3. WhiteMistral

    Scripts for Zeus Users Requests - For Active DMing!

    Thanks for this, guys! I'll see what I can do.
  4. Hello! Sorry to bother you guys, and I know I never post, but I'd like to get people's thoughts! I DM a lot on Zeus, so obviously I play the big bad guy who makes missions and makes things FUN. The thing is, I like to make it immersive! What scripts or executions can you recommend to make things more interesting? Whether it be command lines or mods, I like making things really fun like an RPG system! For example, I use "hint 'The path ahead appears to be rigged with landmines.'" as flavour text for various things, and I also have functions like "player enableFatigue false;" to enable them sprinting all the time. What else can I do to make things more interesting, such as tip boxes, intel briefings, timers, and such? I really don't know where to find much, and I've looked through all the script info on the Wikis! Thanks for your ideas, people! I hope to catalogue all of these. :D
  5. WhiteMistral

    [TvT/FFA/CO-40] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

    Sorry to necro this thread, but ... I'm editing the script because I wanna start units as different KINDS of units. I don't know how to script very well, but I've all the files opened up. Sorry again, but how does one change the starting units in this?