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  1. arotished

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    Project Reality makes ARMA look like poo....cant wait for the next Project Reality which is gonna be a Standalone powered by FrostBite (thats how a game engine should be like)
  2. arotished

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    Haven't seen any official update since Adapt was launched and it I dont think it had "performance" increase notes. Kinda strange since Adapt campaign is so buggy that they havent even released a hotfix for it. Its months and months since I saw any specific performance optimalization notes. Okey, I don't care to study the patch note, all I need to do is to start up the a mission Altis on AUTO-DETECT setttings, turn my mouse and after 5 seconds I can tell if its still crap or playable.
  3. arotished

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    But does BIS focus on this part? Seems like Zeus is their main focus (which IMO is a terrible idea)
  4. arotished

    A3 and DayZ share anything?

    they both share the terrible optimization and game mechanic...
  5. arotished

    Improving damage models

    And people keep telling me that ARMA is so realistic...
  6. I will never understand people that can enjoy playing a FPS game with 20fps, but hey, we are difference :)
  7. ARMA3 runs on almost every laptop, dont even need to have a duel core as they developer dont know how to support it mulit CPU/GPU. But, it really comes down to what you feel is decent. I have a laptop with a 3,8Ghz i7, 680M SLi, SSD and 32GB and in order to get above 30FPS on Altis Life I need to put every setting on Standard and disable every AA option along with put 1000meters view distance. This makes the game look like Operation Flashpoint again and I need to control myself not to get angry due to the "lag" when I move my mouse. I also have a desktop with a 4,5Ghz i7, 780Ti SLi, SSD and 32GB and in order to get above 40FPS in Altis Life on this computer, I need to reduce the view distance to 1500meters, the rest I have on Ultra BUT, I still get noticeable FPS drops with more then 2 things happens at once. Overall, my hardware is not good enough to run the game decent for me.
  8. arotished

    Arma 3 Cheating / hacking / Exploiting.

    Was playing Altis Life yesterday for the first time and every player on the server got killed at once due to a hacker.......twice!
  9. arotished

    SSD - HDD Comparison

    This game must be the only game that you really need to dig to the center of earth to find any FPS above 30. I have: 4770K @ 4,5GHz Samsong 840 Pro SSD in RAID0 Nvidia GTX780Ti in SLi. 32GB, 2400mhz CL9 RAM aaaaaannnnndddddd the FPS is this game is still the worse FPS I have EVER played....I cant even turn my mouse before I get irritated because of the lag. I need to disable every settings in the AA section and go all the way down to 1000meters viewdistance along with Standard setting on many options in order to get close to 60FPS ingame (and still I get severe FPS drops in town) which say is a minimum to play a game without getting sick. Bohemia, we are in 2014.....people actually have multi CPU/GPU hardware now....
  10. 500m View distance makes me run this game on MAX settings with 40+ FPS.....feels very stupid that Bohemia even included a option to increase it to 12000meters
  11. arotished

    Improving damage models

    They are done/finished with improving the game, they hide behind "engine limitation" bullshit. The people at Bohemia are used to console with the 30FPS limit and thinks everything above 30FPS is totaly useless and not needed at all. Bohemia are now focusing on making the game like the old Black and White game, Zeus is the first stop.
  12. arotished

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    Kinda agree, the ARMA series have moved very slowly the past 13 years and mostly due to the lack of optimization, strange/stupid game mechanic and dumb AI. Of course you can justify the AI by saying that ARMA is a MP game but still you have the two other factors which makes the game feel very unfinished.
  13. I just took a Altis benchmark test and on "Default Ultra" setting I got 40FPS. (Stratis gave me 43FPS) Good/Bad?
  14. Yeah, ARMA is allergic to everything that stats with MULTI and ends with SUPPORT, probably the next generation of ARMA will also be the same :)
  15. No! But many people will say yes since they think running a game around 30FPS is just fine....