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  1. @major_shepard I added the two users on the FTP. For the Internet IP of the host machine, I attempted to put mine in the "Host or URL" section and I received this error: https://gyazo.com/0590d61e540cf087b1b6ea4fe93b7792
  2. @major_shepard I'm currently in the process of setting up a Repository for a Unit through ArmA3Sync. I'm running the repository off of Windows Filezilla with XAMPP Control Panel. I followed the guide in the wiki provided on this topic for FTP. After following the steps and sending the auto-config URL to members of the Unit, they receive this error: https://gyazo.com/6e179d16660bcba9eb9a0fa58c34a50a XAMPP Control Panel Permissions for the shared folder (Not my ArmA3Sync directory, created another folder on my PC for the mods in the Repo) Setup for the Repository w/ the IP which I have tested to ensure it works (Second link is of the index w/ mods) Administration settings of the Repo. I built the Repo, then uploaded it with these settings: https://gyazo.com/79e1a18d076529bf038cdfd55059658f and I have checked the synchronization after building the repo and then after uploading it.
  3. Great mod. Been actually looking for a Insurgency template for Kunduz and just found it. Plan on using it with RHS, ACE and a few other mods.
  4. DakotaM990

    ArmA 3 has stopped working

    Hi Cyborg, This only happens with the mods I run in order to join the server. I have uninstalled ArmA 3 and reinstalled it. I haven't attempted to delete the mods and reinstall them. I'll try that and see what happens
  5. Hello all, Everytime I attempt to connect to my MilSim Unit's Server, my game will either stop when loading in or when I access Virtual Arsenal but I will always receive the error "ArmA 3 has stopped working" I launch ArmA through ArmA3Sync as an Admin, I run Steam, and TS3 as Admin aswell. Mods running when error is received: @ABM, @AGM, @ALiVE, @ALiVEServer, @ASDG_Attachments, @ASDG_JM, @ASDG_JR, @ATLAS_LHD, @BulletsHitValue, @Burnes_M1A2, @BurnesLCAC, @CBA_A3, @Cha_Lav25, @CHO_F35B, @Drift_NoFatigue, @fhq_accessories, @JS_JC_FA18, @kyo_MH47E v1.2.2 - Arma3, @LEA_A3, @mao_anims_sway_fix @MBG_Killhouses, @mcc_sandbox, @RH_Pistol, @st_gi, @st_interact, @st_map_autobrightness, @st_nametags, @st_stamina_bar, @sthud, @task_force_radio, @TF187, @TFA, @TFAx_Gear, @U100, @UNS_Patches Error Message:
  6. This looks absolutely delicious!
  7. DakotaM990

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    Absolutely in love with this mod. I recommend it along with TFAx to anyone.
  8. I've used MCC in both Arma 2 and Arma 3 and when I seen the huge improvement from Arma 2 I was completely awed by how much you could do in Arma 3 with MCC. Fantastic mod and I recommend it to anyone.
  9. I love this mod. Can't wait for more missions to come out for it!
  10. DakotaM990

    Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    This mod looks absolutely fantastic. Shame I don't own Iron Front. Seen some gameplay and it's just jaw dropping
  11. Great Re-texture! One recommendation if it hasn't been already posted if you could change the 75th R/R Scroll to the subdued variation varying on the uniform
  12. DakotaM990

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    TFAR is one of the best mods out there for Arma 3. Very fantastic mod from personal experience
  13. The MilSim Unit I'm apart of use your LCAC and Tanks. They're absolutely great man! Great Job!