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  1. I was almost certain nobody else was going to reply to this thread. Thank you many times over for explaining to me exactly what I wanted to know. I suppose I never considered the issues one might have when trying to speed up the player. I was looking into whether or not the animations could be speed up through the config files, but it seems from what you posted that this is not a possibility without making new animations for the models. I have no intention of working with custom models and animation (not my forte), so I think I'll drop the idea for now. However, I still wish there was more information about these config files out there. I'll try and drop by the Skype channels like you said. Thanks for the help!
  2. Well I did a couple hours of digging last night and I stumbled upon the hidden world of config files. I took apart some other mods in ARMA 2 that I saw did something similar to want I wanted (yes indeed I want to modify the speed of player animations). However, there seems to be a secret cult of config file experts who have all the information to be able to actually mod the game, and the rest of us are left with absolutely no documentation. The best I got in terms of documentation was the SIX Config Browser, but that didn't have the classes I wanted to modify in these cryptic C++ files. Finally I stumbled upon this wiki page that helps a bit, but is still far to opaque to be of any real use. Now I get that what I am trying to do is modify the animation speeds, but honestly there is so little information about these config files that it looks like it will be a nightmare to try and edit them. What are we even doing with them? It seems like we are injecting some sort of code straight into the engine itself (considering it's C++), but this is the strangest C++ code I've ever come across. Browsing through the SIX Config browser leads you to config files with hundreds of lines of undocumented member variables, and nothing else. How are we even suppose to attempt to understand what legitimate data values are for each one? What are their ranges? How do they effect the game? BI, are you hoping that the new contestants for Make ARMA Not War will be willing to waste endless hours on trial and error just to figure out which one changes the value they want to change? I'm sorry if I sound frustrated but it's simply because I am. I would love to be apart of this contest and the community in general, but the difficulty of some modding tasks like this one (which are well documented in other engines) really put me off. @Imperator: By the way, thanks for those links on scripting. I appreciate it!
  3. I've been reading through the scripting commands for ARMA 3, and I don't see anything related to the modification of movement mechanics (e.g. make the player slower, faster, etc). There are some posts on these forums that look promising, but nothing that is specific to ARMA 3. I have no idea if the scripting/modding ability and tools of the ARMA platform have changed drastically and most information is old, which is why I come here for help. Speaking of which, would an ARMA 2 scripting tutorial be roughly compatible to ARMA 3? From what I can tell both use the SQF scripting language but have slightly different commands available. Thanks for the help, ~TacoShank
  4. Perhaps their intention was clarity. If the contest mods/missions were mixed in with the non contest ones, it might get confusing as to what you're looking at. This way there is an automatic filter for us, so that we can easily browse through the competition. That's my two cents anyway.
  5. I don't think it's a huge issue, but I just took a course on copyright, and all I can think about are the terrible situations we studied. It's all too easy for an artist to get screwed out of what they deserve because of some under-looked legalese. Besides, if BI only wants to be able to show pictures and videos of submissions to the contest, why is that not what is stated in the clause, instead of this all or nothing, "We can do whatever we want with it now!" statement. I don't buy the, "We'll it's what other contests do, and we need to be covered and stuff... so it's cool guys, okay?!" Don't the applicants in these sorts of contests need to be covered as well? Maybe even more-so than the organization running it.
  6. TacoShank

    Whats the secret to building a good clan?

    I think the key to building a good clan is to have an already solid group of friends from the start. It seems to me that nobody starts out a clan with just themselves, and recruits the rest. However, if you don't have a large friend group already established, simply playing games and making friends through playing them will set you on the right path.