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    Arma3 Videos

  2. Great update !!! Keep em coming :P
  3. esonub

    Arma3 Videos

    hi there, we started doing some steam workshop mission reviews just for the fun of it and to give credit to good mission makers ! so here is review number 1: Mission name OFP Collection Revenge
  4. hey there got a question actually it might be something that needs to be adjusted or i might be wrong but the IDF armor is set to 0 armor so there is no any ceramic plate in it ?
  5. i simply love the mod ! :) i waited for long time for the X-95 Mtar. the textures on it is so good that it feels so realistic ! and the way its looking like its not just got out of the factory ... awsome ! i saw galzohar wrote down a new vest is going to comout and my question is if any updated helmets gonna comout same for a new soldier model (they do look a bit like they skipped legs day and they got small size boots)
  6. Minigun Vs. AAF Hellcat HEAD-ON ! :) http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3332964657716822663/23CC6B59F68E2E6235D1DA03090E32E3E4AF2CAC/ (869 kB)
  7. esonub

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    its really got to be fixed ... last night me and another friend played a night Spec ops mission we used the MX 6.65mm rounds with a silencer on ... it felt like i was shooting a BB gun ... took me a whole mag to eliminate 2 man patrol ... :( ... from 40~50 meters range
  8. IDF war photography :) addons : IDF addon another war photography picture i made out from one of my missions...
  9. esonub

    Realistic damage

    i got to say one thing to that issue is .. that i feel very dissapointed about that damage system ... shooting an infantry man right in the face ... and i mean RIGHT IN THE FACE ... and he would not die ! and 6-8 shots into the chest ... without even ... bleeding ... that is some hell of a vest u got on them ... sorry BI but it feels like i BOUGHT a BROKEN game ... PLZ fix that BUG or what ever u call that major issue dont aim to get a COD\BF game... leave arma as it was ... Legend Legacy game :)