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  1. Kidd2410

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    Thanks Spectre I can call on the medic a bit less now :P
  2. Kidd2410

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    Hey mate, I think the default armour values for the Heavy vests has been changed by BIS. One of our guys was claiming that it only takes two hits with your vests but with the BIS vests its 6-7 rounds. Can you update the protection values?
  3. Kidd2410

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    So forever? Guess we can close the thread then ;)
  4. Personally and from being in a unit that switched over this mod is FAR more reliable, has a nicer UI, is regularly updated, is actually made for ArmA 3 and has more features. The current ACRE running on ArmA 3 is chopped together from arma 2 just so that we had something to play with and while that is very nice of them and all this is currently the better radio mod! Guess we'll see what the guys at ACRE do with their 2.0!! Like Neptune said though personal taste :P
  5. @doveman Have you tried turning off the ability for applications to change volumes of your stuff during communication? I had that with my setup made everything/everyone really quiet. Right click the speakers>Playback devices then communications It's a long shot but might work
  6. Kidd2410

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Yeah some of the guys in my unit took it upon themselves to fire it over my squad during a mission and we got very blind and very lit up for a decent amount of time. It's all about the arc with the 3GL ones, mortar tubes fire waaaaaaaaaay higher with a bigger shell. I'm pretty sure the smoke nades get blown about by it don't they? Or do you mean the actual fire smoke?? We are having a problem were fire causes everyone to crash out if we go near it (Not Blast Core problem) so I couldn't test :( Flood Flood Flood Agreed!
  7. Kidd2410

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Nah I'm sure he's just taking a break it is supposed to be the holidays! He was/is by the looks of things pissed but I'd like to think if he were actually going to leave he'd post a proper "I'm leaving type thing". The thread could be closed then rather than giving up straight away! True it'd be way too demanding so not everyone would be able to run it "well". You could run it in PhysX (not sure on the specifics of that) pretty sure that's what AC:IV is doing and they apparently have mad wicked smoke out of gun barrels on the PC version.
  8. Kidd2410

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    I'd beg to differ LucidPotato ArmA 3 sold more units in Alpha than ArmA II did at all. Just because they only use it for DayZ doesn't mean the sales don't count ;) Besides we still need our USMC vs CSAT (The China force this time) pacific expansion!! Those T72 shot effects would be totally do-able think the smoke grenades currently in just have them disperse quicker?
  9. Kidd2410

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    They are just passionate about the mod I'm sure they don't mean to be ungrateful. Those who complain about something usually shout the loudest. It's a nice mod that coupled with a few others makes an awesome experience and since its just an Rc its expected that a few people might not be happy with it. I loved it in arma 2 and hopefully we can have something similar in A3. If you want to quit for a while/forever to do other stuff then that's your choice I guess, a few people will be disappointed but you are doing it for free in your spare time so no deadlines we'll live. Also to the forum elite, don't be judging those who just may have only just singed up to the forums. I've been playing arma for years and yet I only made an account a week or two ago...
  10. Kidd2410

    Fire drops frames to zero and crashes Arma

    We have this exact problem playing any mission on our server. When a vehicle is burning anyone going near it will crash out of the game.
  11. Kidd2410

    Minihattan Island - A3

    Much building, such wow! I love this map been playing about in it for a bit and cannot wait to see the final product or even the next update!! I agree with Kaxii though it is a little bright in there but that is to do with ArmA over brightening textures think i've seen it on other stuff. Keep up the amazing work!
  12. Kidd2410

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    It looks like the clipping is caused by the blufor uniform and not the vest itself. I've tested a couple of times the AAF uniform it sits flush no matter what. When you put it on blufor and lower the weapon it sticks into their chest right side and sinks into the shoulders both sides. So nothing to worry about I guess. Still can't post links here till later to show you sorry, if you really want to see take away the spaces. Vest on blufor(left) indep(right) http: //i .im gur .com/FQ 4dD 20. jpg Switched http: //i. im gur. com/SM1 7RKU.j pg
  13. Kidd2410

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    Hey mate love the units even managed to convince the clan I'm in to adopt them as official uniform! I normally just surf the threads here but I wanted to actually post about this one just a couple of things I'd like to bring up. The sand camo I'm guessing is to replicate Crye SAND but it seems a bit light might just be my buddy being picky though. [i'll post links for reference but i need to wait a day apparently] Speaking of Crye and since you said you wanted to add more gear how about a Crye airframe? I mean I'd love to see one with the chops but i know you're knew to modeling so i can live with just the helmet if you are up to the challenge? There is a clipping issue with some of the re textured indep vests but i think they'll be BIS models so not much you can do about it? Thanks