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  1. To join filter: M00 Gaming or Icaruk. To know when the server is up go to: http://arma3.swec.se/server/data/81725 :yay::yay:M00 Gaming:yay::yay:
  2. For more info add me on skype: matt0954 What is your skype name? I will be online later.
  3. Ok, it could be 10v10 as 20 players can then join the server. The server may not be on all day but I can send you a link to see if the server is online. :yay::yay:M00 Gaming:yay::yay:
  4. Don't worry about the message, the amount of players could be around 20 or so, up to you really. Pick what server name you want and the team and I can get to work also, the AI can walk through the outer walls so it is up to you if you want AI enabled or disabled. Filter: Awaiting Approval For Use Of Mission. Kind regards, :yay::yay:M00 Gaming:yay::yay:
  5. I was wondering if we could make our server the official server for push the box, you are welcome to join, but could you please edit the mission so we can have more players. (Maybe We could have more arenas side by side?) Things we will include. +Your name in the server name. +No editing of the files so your name is still on the loading screen, although we have changed the message as this will be a English server XD. The server name can also be what you want. So will you allow us to host your official server? :yay::yay:From M00 Gaming And The Team.:yay: