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  1. Hi, I wanted to know if anyone could help me with the problem ive got. It's a dedicated server problem i have with mods and I think its something to do with conflicting addons... so I have these mods loaded on my server, the server starts fine, says "Dedicated host created. BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.190) Host identity created." but the first thing to be noted is that at the title bar on the window, it only says "Arma 3" and not "Arma 3 Console version 1.22 : port 2312" which is what it usually says. and I can't find it on the multiplayer server list. and then, as soon as i remove all of massi's MODs, it starts up fine and i can see it on the mp server list. Again, I think its something to do with conflicting addons but I wouldn't have a clue which one it'll be. Would this be something to do with the order I load these mods, maybe? Does anyone have an idea?
  2. great! this is what we were waiting for since arma1 was released! XD
  3. nozomunz74

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I have a request. just started using this mod recently and noticed the shoulder tapping is a bit clumsy to use. Anyway we can use a shortcut key for shoulder tap and add camera shake and also some quiet-but-noticeable tapping sound?
  4. pls fix this when ever you can x39 we need this ;)
  5. nozomunz74

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    we absolutely need a mod which slows the reloading animation to a realistic speed. right now, the reloading animation is constant and EVERYONE is so fast like they are all specops or swat guys. I think reloading animations should be slower and may even be slightly randomized per reload.
  6. Hello! just a quick question. Because I couldn't find the answer in this thread after searching. Is there a way to disable the group map markers for the friendly players and your own group as well. I want to disable the map markers because we are doing a ground navigation trainings on our server and being able to know your position on the map just by opening the map is not to our likings. ;)
  7. hello, thx for the mod and frequent updates. I've noticed that earplug has too much effect with the latest update. I can't hear anyone speaking when used in conjunction with TFAR. any solusions? or is this a bug?
  8. nozomunz74

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    hello. I've started using this mod and noticed something weird. I'm using vk markers mod at the same time and I can't use their mod(ie markers they add) by double clicking on map. I disable TFR and all is fine about the marker. Does anyone have any clue why this is happening and possibilities for a fix?
  9. nozomunz74

    Blake's PRADAR

    Hay Blake, any time we will see this mod in ARMA3? Because the problem with seeing other player names in arma2 still exists in arma3 and I love this pradar mod still to this day. I can't wait till I see this mod in arma3. :)