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  1. Apparently hidden selections don't work on weaponry. So that's a problem.
  2. hnnnnnnnnggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. Yeah, the pelican is a massive wip. It just got in-game. Currently when you use the rudder pedals to rotate it'll spin really fast and go belly-up. Hahahaha! Dat grenade launcher
  4. Seating capabilities will be as many as we can damn muster, son! Didn't you see the warthog? Was like sardines in a can! But for real, that's a good suggestion. Heff reward. http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/26/25746/screenshot006.png (2311 kB) Edit: Got my hands on an updated version of @TEI: Pelicans, suit variants, and lots of hogs. http://puu.sh/dK4Ab/6cbffd547c.jpg (218 kB) http://puu.sh/dK4th/a65440f21f.jpg (486 kB) http://puu.sh/dK4yB/5a03c537e5.jpg (398 kB) http://puu.sh/dK4vE/c9513a57da.jpg (438 kB)
  5. Not yet, I believe. Iron sights and ammo counter are up next.
  6. We really tried to get it in before this year, but we're so deliciously close. Just waiting on a few more things and then it'll be in the mitts of you guys. http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/26/25746/ma5c.png (2641 kB) Here's the MA5C from the fantastic TheDidact and Zero!
  7. Yeah, someone with experience in that area would be beautiful. I'd really like to see the textures get closer to my renders, but I don't see it happening. We will continue to tweak the shaders, for sure.
  8. Hey peeps. Was experimenting with the latest build and I have to say it is great fun! There are some errors with my texture work here and there which I intend to fix, but damn is it cool to mess around with the configurations. I've posted some photos below of the dudes. http://puu.sh/dEYMy/55fcdbf688.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYFo/bd56b50ed9.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYDD/ede6612f41.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYCc/37554a48e7.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYzh/c3b792d7ec.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYx5/835b2f9ba2.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYv1/b1f41e0c98.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYtu/06267387d6.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYro/99fe699e87.jpg (super secret low res odst) http://puu.sh/dEYpM/f9d87fe990.jpg http://puu.sh/dEYls/f4e89acbd0.jpg
  9. Just pushed out a few quick damage states just in case for our inevitable release on ██/██/██, where you'll be able to ████████████ and ██████████ ██████████. http://puu.sh/dBWY9/d658060124.jpg (218 kB)
  10. Initially. We'll be making our own innies eventually.
  11. http://puu.sh/dtAZw/68b917e1cd.png (3694 kB) Retextured Battle Rifle. More angles soon.
  12. AFAIK you'll get a 2D scope as opposed to a 3D scope. I could be wrong, but there's no interior to the scope, so it would be rather strange! You'll be able to use the scope and backup sights though, for sure.
  13. http://puu.sh/dswra/f64fd344e6.png (2865 kB) http://puu.sh/dswtI/e3b1c4aa4a.png (1511 kB) Warping of straight edges in the weapon are just perspective issues with Marmoset Toolbag.
  14. Different Battle Rifle sights: I do wish ArmA had this technique of DoF. Unfortunately their system is pretty bare.
  15. Speaking of, the battle rifle is coming along nicely. Going to work on textures.
  16. Vehicle-wise, we're taking a bit of a break I think. Gotta make a police pelican and innie pelican. Would love to work on the Mongoose.
  17. It is when you find out the release date. ;)
  18. http://puu.sh/dlKUI/758e8402e7.jpg (219 kB) Ship completed. Interior is all textured, and now it's time to get her in-game! Bonus photos! http://imgur.com/a/wBhxo
  19. All aboard The Eridanus Insurrection hype-train! Choo Choo!
  20. Pelican exterior for the UNSC is done. Going to texture the interior tomorrow, then move on to police and other variants. Note that I'm removing the "loading area" and some of the orange on the front. http://puu.sh/dkAVQ/470945f07b.jpg (1089 kB) Fixes below: http://puu.sh/dkBkn/a8485e8b92.jpg (396 kB)
  21. http://puu.sh/di3eI/b34955fedf.jpg (876 kB)