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  1. Closer to what you see in Reach and stuff I believe. From Burgess.
  2. Ohhh! Okay. My bad then :) I'll bring it up with TheDog!
  3. A rework of the armour itself will not be happening. I'm sorry, but we're focusing on other things right now. That said, the idea of having the armour mixed with fatigues is an idea in itself.
  4. The fatigues are placeholders until we could create better ones. Which I am doing slowly, but surely. But still good info nevertheless. Thanks.
  5. Alternate falcon textures are coming in next update as well! This includes a tan, black, and white variant :) Speaking of all things white, you'll be able to access a snow camouflage for army personnel in the coming update of OPTREB.
  6. Theronett I reckon you should start spoilertagging your list stuff so it's easier to access/scroll past. Not slamming your help, I love it.
  7. The texture has plenty of scratches and dings in it, though currently the RVmat needs some work to show that. Not a problem, ArmA 3 has a wierd way of treating specular maps.
  8. http://puu.sh/h4ArX/c699b4bd42.jpg (180 kB) Falcon is done. Needs some text on the hull and stuff though. http://i.imgur.com/ujGpwmi.jpg (375 kB)
  9. We will most likely will be turning more towards Reach. They do look great though.
  10. I don't see why not. We did this for the new ODST, so we should easily be able to do it for the other units.
  11. I'd like to apologise to the community for the shitstorm caused over the last few days. If we could keep both this and TEI's threads clean of discussing the split-up, I'm sure both teams would be very grateful. We're taking this in a slightly different direction to TEI, so more info on that in the next few months.
  12. I, too, am pulling my assets from the project. This has gone on far too long. People may not see it, but a whole team doesn't just disappear for no reason. Those assets are - Pelican model/texture, Warthog model/texture, HEV model/texture, Shotgun model/texture, BR55 model/texture, UNSC marines, army and ODSTs model/texture. @Kristian + @Baconide, team is ironing it all out. ;) I'm really sorry it had to come to the nonsense, and the community has the right to make a decision as to who is guilty and who is the victim, but know that this wasn't made in a split-second. This decision was avoided for as long as possible, and it's only now that it has come to this. I also apologise to the admins if this is considered spam, I'd just like for it to be known what assets I'm pulling from any future mod updates.
  13. It most definitely was not. Hopefully there's a way to roll it back. Least you PW6 guys are persistent. Thanks anyway! hahahah
  14. I mean agreed upon between developers. Very buggy release. Obviously you guys are eager for updates! haha. @JinougaF, it's a section of the model. Slowly getting it textured.