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  1. I don't understand. I checked the Wiki documentation but I don't see any parameter that let me setup file to be excluded. Also I had a look to the ArmA3Sync-console.bat but I don't find nothing What did you mean exactly ?
  2. Hi major, in our clan we use A3sync directly in our Repo Server. In other words we use A3sync only in command line mode. Our Repo Admin manage the mods in the repo via FTP client and then they connect with putty and launch the Build command. The only thing that they manage from the A3sync Client is the Events/Modset management and Upload. For some reasons we need to exclude some files. I see that this is a feature we have if we use the windows client (Build Options) that let us to save all the config stuff in the Autoconfig.files. There's a way to add excluded files to the autoconfig files via command line ? Directly on the server ? Thanks a lot, as usual,
  3. Hi majorshepart, can you help us about this, please ?
  4. Hi, last time we used the feature "Upload modset" was past July. We are trying now to use it again but we got a pop up error sayng "failed to upload events informations, please check upload option or permissioni settings on server". If we connect using an ftp client and the same credentials all goes ok, Using FTP we can only change permission to the events file because the ftp user is the owner.
  5. I think by bad english brought us to a misunderstanding. I wish to trigger the update of client (update of server installation) with an unix command without passing through the command line utility.. Something similar to: Java -jar ArmA3Sync.jar -UPDATECLIENT launched from shell.
  6. Hi, can you add please an option in order to launch the "check for update" using a console command, as it already happens for BUILD ?
  7. Thanks but actually my eyes were already quite opened. I Already tried adding the path to the end of url but, maybe is a setup of my ftp server, connection was redirected to root of ftp account.
  8. Also, after ACRE* tools execution, notice "remember to launch TS as admin" is not necessary and could bring to wrong usage of TS for Acre 2. Some months ago I found a post from one of the mod creators, in the ACRE 2 thread, stating that with Acre2 executing TS as admin could bring to wrong behaviour of the mod. ---------- Post added at 14:08 ---------- Previous post was at 12:55 ---------- I made some test and they failed. All work until I keep opened my arma3sync client. WHen i close it, it loose all configuration about modset/event and if i connect to repository and click on MODSET no events are anyore visible. Also if I go the event section i can't manage/edit any event. The issue is related to the fact that in the Upload OPtions there's not an option to specify a path where to go ones the ftp connection is executed. This bring the uploader to put the events file in the root of the FTP server account while the file event should be in repositoryname/.a3s/ folder. I fixed creating in repositoryname/.a3s/ a symbolic link named events and pointing to the place where the A3sync event ftp uploader put the file. The symlink is overwritten each time you make a build by the file events, so I have to delete the file events and create again the sim link. I created a script to help repo admin to make all this stuff without knowing nothing about linux command. Usage is: command repositoryName For example my script is named arma3sync_build and repo is named 15bn and repo admin will write: arma3sync_build 15bn I consider it experimental, use it at your own risk (by the way, my first shell script ever :D, so... ). I have changed the path: #!/bin/bash # Effettua il build del repository passato in input # lasciando intatto il resto del setup. Da lanciare dopo # aver aggiornato dei file sul repository cd /absolute/path/to/ArmA3Sync_folder/; set -x; java -jar ArmA3Sync.jar -build "$1"; rm -f /absolute/path/to/.a3s/events ln -s absolutepath/where/events/isuploaded/events /absolute/path/to/.a3s/events set +x; cd /path/where/you/launched/script/;
  9. Maybe this below is a bug, here's how to reproduce. Create a repository that contains also the @acre2 mod and NO the old @acre mod. With you a3sync client connect to the repository, check mod, and download all in order to sync with the repository. At the end of download a3sync will ask you if you want launch the ACRE tools, click yes or no. Then immediately a second pop up will appear asking if you want launh ACRE2 tools The first pop up (asking for ACRE) should not appear.
  10. Hummm what a pity. My aim was to force clanmate to import modsets defined centrally and then create several Favorites Servers Bookmarks, with different names, different modset associated but pointing to the same server. So the day before the game event we can say: "ok guys, tomorrow we will play with StandardModset01" or " "ok guys, tomorrow we will play with StandardModset02", etc etc. By the way, I would thank you for this great tool, great job, really. :) EDIT: Ok I realized now that you edited your previous post with better details. This evening (CET+1 here :D ) I will try, thanks a lot
  11. Because we can create different modset/groups on server and clan mate can import those modsets configuration without building them by theirselves (no space for error). We need different groups because for example we can have a groups for mods in testing, a group for mods officialy used in our event, a group with different modset used, etc. Something similar to what is written at the end of this guide
  12. There's a way to add a group on the repository using console ?
  13. Well finally I succeded creating a ftp repository and not an http one. There's a way to re-build a repository without inputing again all the parameter (exluded path, etc etc) ? I mean, if I add new files to my repository I would like a command that only REad again my rep without changing build parameter. ---------- Post added at 21:41 ---------- Previous post was at 21:31 ---------- OK sorry for the dumb question, I found the solution: java -jar ArmA3Sync.jar -build "Name of the repository"
  14. Ok, i finally found the .sh console script and it's very easy to setup a rep using ssh....but...when i add the repository to the client (connection OK) and then clic on check addon i got an internal error. No other details. What can be ? :(
  15. Sorry but I failed to understand how to create a custom repository. I don't see any part in the documentation where this is explained. Can you help me please ?