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  1. Nope they said a while ago that they have left Arma 2, so technically they should still be working on Arma 3 as there will be no more updates for arma 2
  2. Kaxii

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    Or even better just make alternate M4 versions of everyone except riflemen etc, and then mix a few M4's into the groups. As officially M16's should remain more common than M4's because the M16a4 is the official main rifle of the USMC.
  3. Kaxii

    CSAT Modification Project

    Well drop pouches are standard issue can the marine corps, and it is in the future I could quite easily see them use some in the future as it is barely a special expensive bit of kit (bascally a bag with a bit of string on top would suffice)
  4. Somone will need to make a replacement pack for those to replace the MX's!
  5. When using vehicles my character and some AI, especially in air vehicles. They are sitting (or actually standing) with their arms sticking out to 90 degrees and the legs to 50 degrees (like doing a star jump), so their hands and legs stick out of the aircraft. Any fixes?
  6. Kaxii

    CSAT Modification Project

    YES!!!!! So will this be available as a replacement pack or not yet?
  7. Yes! That is good plan Comrade! We must show using Arma Chernarus what Putin should do to Evil Capitalist US if they meddle in Ukrainian affairs! (Putin will be pleased with mission, we must send it to him when done!)
  8. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I was so looking forward to CSLA for Arma 3 :( Thank you for the update anyway
  9. Woah were is my RAF Beret?
  10. Not just head but shirtless body! So I can wrestle bear in Chernarus sea like true man!
  11. WOOOOot! Looking forward to this! Finally some real high quality russians!
  12. Kaxii

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    But most will be of higher qaulity than these, which are ports. E.g I would rather use RH M16's than Arma 2 M16's, so why should we make more Arma 2 ported M16 when there are already loads.
  13. Kaxii

    Ivory Aircraft

    It doesn't have delta wings, a delta wing is what something like the Mig-21 or Mirgae 3000 uses.
  14. Kaxii

    EricJ Release thread

    Neurgh XM8, it is really just a G36...
  15. Kaxii

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    I would say discard half of these which have already been done, as it will shorten work time and stuff like the m16 and AKM have already been done (numerously) and so don't need to be ported.
  16. It works for me on regular arma, I think that was part of it as that is what he plays on and therefore cannot confirm that it will work on regular build.
  17. I think the CDF should definitely have them, as they are pretty common, and for a country with pro-west ideals I would expect they would of definitely of placed those of their helicopters as they increase the survivability of the helicopter a lot by reducing it's heat signature. Also for the Digital pattern, I would suggest maybe making it smaller, or at least on the UAZ, so that there is say one clearly defined "spot" of pixels to help break up the green, as some sides look nearly completely green with only part of a pixel on that location
  18. Kaxii

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    I would say +1 to the abrams, the rest im not really fussed about as I don't really use SF much.
  19. I could suggest maybe some sort of pixelated camo for CDF vehicles, seems all the craze ATM for small eastern European nations :
  20. Can someone tell me where I can find the classnames for the backpacks in his mod?
  21. Kaxii

    Wr5 m14

    Don't know if anyone still uses this but I have an error where when I go into ADS, it doesn't show the ironsights instead its like the head of the character is about 30cm above the ironsights so all I see is the top of the gun, kinda like when you fire a GL on some others and go into ADS
  22. Kaxii

    CSAT Modification Project

    I actually want to play CSAT now with that look!
  23. Kaxii

    CSAT Modification Project

    woo hoo! Liking the look of that helmet, so body armour next? (Get rid of alien vents?)