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  1. Cough Falschirmjaeger and Brandenburgers cough
  2. So I guess techinicly I shouldn't even be running Arma 2 with my specs? Are most of the buildings enterable?
  3. Kaxii

    EricJ Release thread

    Love the scar! Will you be also having the Scar H varient as well as the Scar L?
  4. Kaxii

    L85A2 Release

    Yeah i've been asking for this since he asked for what varient he should make next! Also yeah the ARCO scope in game is the spectre in tan, the only thing it is missing is the correct mini RDS on top (one in game has a different one)
  5. That would require porting etc, I don't think nightmare does this or if it would fit with the "Future" feeling of the mod.
  6. Kaxii

    (STI) A-10 for ARMA 3

    How has he not had an infraction yet? Anyway looking forward to this addon!
  7. There was a custom map like that on red orchestra 2, every building entereable, so it took about 1-2 hours to clear this small town by going prone in by every window as you stuck your head up for more than 2 secs and 'BAM' your dead again :p
  8. You should also ask FHQ if you can use his M4's and accesorys that way you get one of the best M4 and M16s as well as realistic accesorys for the US side as I always use his guns on Massis USMC units.
  9. Or even better his awesome helmets!
  10. I guess there could be 4 maps one for each country/area in which a war in the far-east would be possible and be fought over: 1. North Korea/ South Korea border area, it could be composed of the border and towns / areas around it. This would represent a battle over Korea. 2. Mainland China, there are many places in China that could be done so IDK which place could be chosen. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c8/Rice_terraces,_Guilin,_China.jpg (6833 kB) Rice Paddies anyone? 3. Japan and/or nearby Japanese Islands (Okinawa, Iwo Jima.) If a war in the far east was to happen and China caused it Japan would be a huge target due to US bases on it and it's use of a Airbase on the islands (like Okinawa) So for China to succede in any battle in the sea between China and Taiwan and even to stop attacks on Chinese soil by Aircraft even if there is no US fleet China would have to attack Japan and the Islands. Second battle of Okinawa? Beautul sea perfect for Arma 3. 4. Taiwan, China has always stated that they aim to re-take Taiwan back preferably through peaceful means but have said through force if necessary. Due to it's relations with the US Taiwan could be used as one of the closest areas to launch and invasion against China and of course as an Airbase. With Taiwan being one of the main places to cause a war which China could start it would be a great place for a map and hasn't been used as a setting for a game much before. http://www.hcijournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/taiwan.jpg (108 kB) A map fighting around the massive skyscraper of Taipei 101? (Probably too much work let alone strain on systems XD)
  11. No its the MCU-2/p : http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120916023618/battlefield/images/5/5f/Battlefield_3_Gas_Mask.jpg (190 kB) vs http://www.specwargear.com/images/gasmask-MCU2P-1.jpg and the russian one http://77rus.smugmug.com/Military/IS...art03-61-L.jpg note the flat top/larger area covered at top of head, also note the bump of the left side of the mask (the side without canister) is less in height and is bigger in size than the russian matching the american one and the bottom bit (cilinder thing) also resembles the american one more, but yeah they are very close and the one in BF3 isn't a faithful replica.
  12. Yeah, so ATM it should be F2000's/Mk20 for normal troops who are in MTP, and then either SF have MX's and CTRG or you make a seperate group called CTRG forces which have CTRG and I dont know what gun they can use and then the F2000s will be replaced by L85's if Kiory releases a new RIS version.
  13. It's a busy time! At least we will be getting Scar's though would be a great weapon for rangers. looking forward to your work! @Autica what are your thoughts on the LSAT LMG? Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LSAT_light_machine_gun Video: Info on it's possible future adoption: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2013/08/07/textron-awarded-2-million-contract-work-lsat-machine-gun-ammunition/ I think this would be a great replacement for the MX LMG version as this is quite likely to be adopted and fits armaverse and future (2018+) scenarios!
  14. What the BF3 engineer gas mask? ;)
  15. I think that the weapons should stay the same and the MX would be good for SF as it shows the use of foreign weapons like how the modern day SF's in the UK use the C8 a lot instead of L85's and in the past even used the M16a2 a lot.
  16. This has partly been done as what I do is use Massi's USM and the PLA mods units for my version of a WW3 Pacific war but they lack vehicles and maps I have a great interest in something like this as having relations in Taiwan means that the politics about China and US interest me but unfortunately I haven't modded anything nor have the time so I can't help at the moment but I would love to see this mod come true and have some good places for maps I can think of.
  17. Yeah either both camos or just keep MTP and maybe redo the mod description as some think there should still be CTRG. I also think keep the current scopes, more realistic as the MTP is also more realistic to what British units may look like in the future. Also looking forward to OAS:US armed forces. Hopefully you will be using 3rd party weapons like FHQ's(?) M4's and M16's or for a more futureistic loadout the ACR being made by another mod team or Slatt's Scars once he releases them.
  18. Slatts is making Scar H's at the moment so you should get those soon-ish once he sorts out the bugs.
  19. Yeessssss ACR!!!! I have one other request a: LSAT as I have been looking for something to replace that bad MX saw and the LSAT provides a realistic replacement as it is getting close to succeding with caseless ammo and the US army looks like they will definately adopt some saying even by 2015-2018!
  20. Loving that Autumn hues of Chernaurus!!
  21. Thats probably why, as I saw that Mutlicam soldier with the scrim/fabric strip covering on his helmets and went "cool" But in the current release I only had the 2013 rifleman, sniper and spotter who are in ghille. Hope you can release those other Multicam guys! I also have a improvement you could do: Name/ diffrentiate between all the different types of rifleman e.g Riflemanempty1 so I can tell the diffrence between which rilfeman is which so when I place them down I know which one I placed down. But apart from that they are great!
  22. It already has the helicopter and AAF IFV, He did have the AAF tank but I think he removed it last version so he might be reskinning it as the one in the last version was basically stock tank with Brit crew if I remembered correctly.