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  1. Well, I'm using the HD 6870 1GB video card, and I'm wondering if I buy a new one, like a GTX 780, will it improve my performance in the game? I mean, of course this card is way better than mine, but since it's a 2 years old game, maybe it's not going to make such a difference. I've seen a lot of people using better video cards and still having performance issues. :confused: Using the HD 6870, I gotta set the "Visibility" option at 5000 ~ 5200, otherwise, frames per second go around 20~25. :( I wonder if it's a GPU limitation or a engine problem sort of thing. My system specs: Core i7 3770K @ Stock. P8Z77-V 16GB 1600Mhz XFX HD 6870 1GB 2TB 7200rpm Is there anyone here able to run this game at maximum settings? I mean, with Visibility and Object View Distance settings at max.
  2. Rafael_Schug

    Simulation handling in editor

    What you mean by the right heli? There're some helicopters that aren't "simulated"?
  3. Rafael_Schug

    Need help with the Editor Mode

    That's it, a complete answer. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!
  4. Hi. I need some help with the editor mode. Does anyone know how to put an Heli Spot on the Map? Like the one that there's in the story mode. I don't know if it's called heli spot in English, but I'm talking about that big "H" that you're suppose to land on. How do I create one of those in the Editor mode? Thanks in advance.
  5. Rafael_Schug

    Cockpit audio not playing

    Problem solved. Well, I tried to disable the TOH - REARMED expansion, and the cockpit sounds worked. Seems like there's a problem with that expansion in particularly. We can whether choose to play with this expansion or play with cockpit sounds. I rather play with cockpit sounds. I hope it helps.
  6. Hello guys, I'm wondering if is there one ENB series or Sweet FX available to Take On Helicopters. I'm looking for some with more vivid colors, and I think that's what ENB is for. The user Sylle posted a very nice screenshot on another topic: It's like the color is more vivid in someway, I liked that...it doesnst look like in my game. Is that some ENB config? Sorry my english mistakes. :j: Thanks.
  7. Rafael_Schug

    Cockpit audio not playing

    ^^^^ I have the same problem here. I recently bought the game via Steam, I tested the demo before buying it, and the cockpit audio was working fine, but it's not working on the Full Game. Does anyone know how to fix it? Sorry any english mistake. Thanks in advance.