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    P3D change PAA path

    Thanks, but my Object Builder Crashing when I want open P3D.
  2. Hello, I have a P3D model but I want change path to PAA files in this model, how can I do it? Is there some easy way? Second problem: I have my Units, but when I spawn then. They have all faces from ARMA3. Is there some way, how can I set only Europan faces? And Can I disable goggles, mask, etc? Thank you, Phil
  3. Filipsons

    Light didnt work in MP

    It does not work :(
  4. Hello guys, Im newbie in scripting. I create this script light01 = "#lightpoint" createvehicle position LAMP01; light01 attachTo [LAMP01,[0,0,0.1]]; light01 setlightbrightness 0.5; light01 setlightcolor [1,0.6,0.4]; this addaction ["LIGHT ON",{(light01), light01 setlightcolor [1,0.6,0.4]}]; this addaction ["LIGHT OFF",{(light01), light01 setlightcolor [0,0,0]}]; this addaction ["Intenzita 1",{(light01), light01 setlightbrightness 0.2}]; this addaction ["Intenzita 2",{(light01), light01 setlightbrightness 0.6}]; this addaction ["Intenzita 3",{(light01), light01 sesetLightBrightness 1}]; Everything works fine, but in multiplayer nobody see my changes. some solution please?