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  1. Hello, I'm trying to use the Apex respawn system with the window where you select your soldier type/loadout and spawn point. It seemed I got it to work once and was using the create marker system with some triggers to create the progressive spawn system like in the APEX cooperative missions. Can anyone clarify what I need in my description.ext if anything and if I need anything in the init file as well? Best practices and what to avoid would also be helpful. I should add that I am using the ALiVE mod with the missions in case there is a conflict there. Any help to get this basically working would be appreciated. Thanks, RQ
  2. romeoquiznos

    Nvida GeForce Experience and Arma 3 Beta

    Thanks Richie. I'll give that try. I do play under a new profile. That's good news. Yeah, like I said I realize the game is technically in perpetual BETA which is actually a good thing if you have a good amount of patience which I think I do. I have been away for awhile and my game is updated that's why I was surprised to see the BETA warning but upon further review it makes total sense. No worries. Thanks to all for taking time to respond.
  3. Hi, Just a couple of observations. Whenever I try to use the Nvidia GeForce Experience to automatically update my optimal settings I get the message that GF experience cannot access in game settings try to launch the game etc. I get this even when Arma 3 is running at the same time. I get this for other games but was a bit surprised that I have to manually match up the settings given that the Nvidia logo is on the Arma 3 splash screen. Any chance of this being corrected in the future. Also down at the bottom of these forums is a locked Arma 3 Beta yet I still get the Beta warning when starting up the game. This is minor but can be a bit confusing. I don't mind the game being referred to as Beta since so much of the game is still being developed and improved. Just one of those little things that catches my attention. Thanks for listening, Stonecomet
  4. romeoquiznos

    ASR AI 3

    OK thanks, and just to be clear any command lines put in the init.sqf will over-ride any settings in the userconfig and I think I'm starting to realize why a mission maker might do this. So you don't have to go into the server settings and change them for different missions, correct. Also, one more question: I'm using this mod with the ALiVE mod. If I disable the skill set userconfig and leave the behavior userconfig active I can still use the ALiVE AI skill module in tandem and the AI will communicate, throw smoke etc.? I'm thinking about using the ASR-ai mod for all the AI stuff but it took me a while to refine the settings in ALiVE for AI skill and I would have to do some testing to get ASR-ai to emulate that level of difficulty I've created. Thanks again...I've always enjoyed using this mod. Been away for a while from Arma so just trying to catch up.
  5. romeoquiznos

    ASR AI 3

    Thanks cuel. Now you got me curious. Anyway you might throw in some example code of what it might look like?
  6. romeoquiznos

    ASR AI 3

    Hello Robalo, Thank you for taking the time to create and keep this mod up to date. Question: What does the line "Mission makers can control these features by setting these global variables in init.sqf" mean in the userconfig sqf files? Do I need to alter or add something to my init.sqf? Thanks, -StoneComet
  7. Hi all, I'll be trying this out with the ALiVE mod on a dedicated server. I'm re-configuring the server right now so I'll be testing it out later. Does anyone know how well this works with the ALiVE module? Would save me some trouble re-configuring the mission if ALiVE breaks the script. I'm currently using Farooq's but this one looks better. I'll check back here for a response once I get the server reconfigured before I mess with the mission pbo. Thanks
  8. highhead, Thank you for the reply. Took me a bit but figured it out. At first I thought "spawn on squad" only worked with AI. Then I started to really think about it and tried what you said. Once I realized I was spawning on an AI member with my original soldier I knew all I was missing was some simple reminder instructions to use left and right arrow and the enter keys. So for those who might have the same issue use those keys when following a squad mate and you can spawn in on a squad member. These instructions do not appear until you have pressed one of the arrow keys or if you press enter inadvertently you will spawn in on whomever you are spectating by default. Also if it is night ops you can't see and have to rely on communication or luck. Everything is working great now and probably always was I just forgot about the arrow keys and enter key when squad spawning. On a side note if you have the enemy check set to no it actually means , no you are not able to spawn near squad members close to enemy units. At least that is what it is doing for me. Also might want to consider a mention about using arrow keys and enter when in "spawn on squad " mode. Thanks again tags: Multispawn Module "spawn on squad"
  9. Hello, I am having some difficulty getting the multispawn module to work in "spawn on squad" mode. This mode is not really covered during the tutorial so I looked and found some bits here and there but nothing definitive. In my description.ext I have Respawn=3 and RespawnDelay=10. I have NO respawn marker on the map (the wiki implies not using a marker, although I have tried it both ways. My mission has only one group of 9 playable and 1 player character on the map. Whenever a player dies it goes through the respawning... notification then the player trying to respawn is spectating the live player but never spawns in. I have tried this with the enemy check set on no and yes. My guess is when you place a no in the "Enemy Check" field no enemy check is performed. The tooltip is a bit misleading in that a yes or no in the field would have the opposite effect. A revised edition of the tutorial for this module might be needed and the tooltip is counter to the field heading expectations. 1. Does the "spawn on player" in the multispawn module work? (any one actually have this working) 2. How exactly do I get it working? (what should my description.ext lines look like) (do I need a marker or name my playable characters) (what exactly do I do to get "spawn on player" to work) 3. What does a "no" in the "perform enemy check" field do? Does no mean enemy is not checked for or does no mean do not spawn if enemy is nearby? 4. What is "enemy nearby"? When an enemy check is performed, what are the parameters? (how much of a radius is being checked? 50m? 100m?) I am able to get the multispawn module to do just about everything else but the "spawn on player" seems broken. Any detailed reply or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hello, I have been away for awhile and when I access the Alive.mod page I see a version 0.6.2 which when I download and unpack gives me version @alive_0.6.2.1404101. I already downloaded this version on 04-13-2013. I also have a version @ALiVE_0.6.5.1404301 which I downloaded on 05-01-2014. Was the version rolled back? Where do I get the latest version? Should I wait for the next release? I have always loved this mod and want to start using it now that i am getting back to Arma 3. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, RomeoQuiznos no fancy signatures here.
  11. romeoquiznos

    Multiplayer - just me and my mate?

    Make sure you are not running the mission as LAN make sure you are using INTERNET option when setting up the "server" from your end. If your server is called xyz then have your friend check their Arma 3 multiplayer server browser "FILTER" and have your friend type in xyz to find your "server" faster. As long as you have a password your friend only knows no one can get on unless they somehow guess your password. Everyone can see your "server" but only those with the password can enter. Anytime I have ever done this I have never had to do anything with my ports or firewalls, so no don't mess with those unless you really know what your doing just make sure you are running Arma 3 and/or Steam as administrator but I don't think this is even necessary. Try the INTERNET option solution first. Cheers!
  12. @Terox So just to be completely clear. As a server admin who uses an HFBservers Arma 3 game server I do not have to do anything to my reportingIP = arma3 gamespy blah blah blah after May 31st 2014. The server will still report to the correct port and show up on the STEAM server filter. Thanks.
  13. There is a loose alive CFG file in the latest release. Where do I place this file? I'm guessing it's used in the implementation of war room. Thanks, Romeo
  14. Just ran into this pausing snipet. Can anyone out there help me on how to implement this code. Is it from the mission init and what conditions am I trying to use? I'm guessing you use a check to see if any players are on the server and "if" there are then unpause snippet "else" pause snippet. Not sure what the condition for "there are no more players on the server" would look like. Thanks, Romeo