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  1. Thanks for all your help and replies.
  2. Hi, i am have a problem when i join my takistan life communitys server. Kicked from game: BattlEye Client Not Responding I ONLY get this problem when joining one specific server (of course its the one i play on). Ive tried other takistan life servers and I do not get this issue. I get the 3 battle eye lines coming up fine on them. However when i join the one server that I play on regularly I only get one battleye line...battleye initialized 1.204 thats it....then 15-20seconds later i get this, Kicked from game: BattlEye Client Not Responding. Please help. Ive reinstalled arma 2 / OA twice now..delete client.dll/server.dll and replaced with ones from battleye.com. Im out of ideas. ---------- Post added at 06:31 ---------- Previous post was at 06:06 ---------- http://***.youtube.com/watch?v=g9r9Q42CSBM&feature=youtu.be Thats a video of the issue...you will notice the first server i join i get all 3 battleye lines of text....awesome! Now when i join the next one, my regular server...All i get is one battleye line of text...then the kick. replace the *** with www....havnt been reigstered long enough to post links.