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  1. Barabara

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    You should be ashamed
  2. I'm code illiterate, what is the step by step process for using this?
  3. I want to record gameplay video of arma 3 as well as acre radio comms and acre local, but I only want the recording to pick up what's being said by me when I press either of my two push to talk keys. What is (step by step) the simplest way to achieve this?
  4. Any way to get this to work in arma 3? For whatever reason this script will crouch me whenever I use any of the hot keys.
  5. No one with a good idea how to accomplish this? It's the last big step towards creating missions with some decent replayability.
  6. I'm trying to create a mission with random objectives and random ao's, how do I create fortified positions and road blocks in the editor (complete with personell manning them) that are then moved to one out of several pre-defined locations when the mission begins?
  7. Barabara

    Speed Of Sound

    Such magnanimity, truly you are an example for us all. Just a shame you're an amateur when it comes to audio engineering. Have fun in your play house, I'm out.
  8. Barabara

    Speed Of Sound

    If you weren't such a bunch of infantile ignoramuses you'd understand that excessive dynamic range compression greatly reduces the volume at which audio can be played back without causing physical pain. But then again most of you are probably listening to a pair of siberias driven by on-board audio so you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. There are some bits here that are an improvement over vanilla, to what degree is speed of sound modular and to what degree can it be further modified? The transition from close to far sounds is particularly jarring.
  9. Barabara

    Speed Of Sound

    There's some really horrendous clipping in a lot of the gun sounds. Makes my goddamn ears bleed 2/10 at least you tried.
  10. Barabara

    Arma 3 Vram usage?

    Arma 3 uses a pretty crazy amount of vram, but how much is required to be able to play at 12k/12k settings? 6gb? 8gb? 12gb? Currently the only commercially available gpu's with 6gb of Vram are the Titan and Sapphire's 7970 VaporX but with new cards on the horizon from AMD and Nvidia I'd like to know what would be the more sensible investment.
  11. Barabara

    new stuff for aaf - nice bis love it ^^

    Is this some sorta joke? They didn't even increase the texture resolution of these ported vehicles.
  12. INDFOR is not friendly to BLUFOR. If I dress up a blufor soldier as a civilian, will he still be able to join an INDFOR group later on when the hostage is "freed"? Also, how come NOTHING currently gets in the vehicle regardless if they're civ or not?
  13. There is absolutely space for him, the vehicle I'm now trying to move him into is completely empty. vip assignAsCargo truck [vip] orderGetIn true All that will happen when this script activates is the vip will look at the truck. When I try the above with a soldier they will at least run up to it, but won't get in.
  14. I've got a mission where a CIV is held hostage by BLUFOR and I want him to be moved about in a truck at different stages of the mission, but no matter what I try the CIV just won't get into a vehicle if there's BLUFOR in it. Is there any way to force him in there?
  15. Another alternative is to have spawn scripts that run only when they become relevant or players get near.