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  1. Donut_10

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    It's great to see the attention you're getting here in such a short amount of time, turns out it's not only something we wanted, but the rest of the MilSim Community needed :P This is awesome, keep up the great work (and get some sleep)! xD
  2. I just wet myself. Looking forward to seeing progress, looks amazing so far!
  3. Donut_10

    DG British Armed Forces

    Will you allow JSRS3 compatibility?
  4. Donut_10

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Congrats on the release, eargasms for days :D http://imgur.com/s5XdCos Though I'll be waiting a fairly long time xD
  5. Donut_10

    DG British Armed Forces

    You say we need to bind a key for the multifunctional camera, looked through the post and couldn't find what key needs to be bound.:p That Wildcat is amazing, awesome job.
  6. Awesome Job! Looks like you're going for an early Christmas present for all of us :)
  7. Looks awesome, do you plan to integrate the AGM fastroping system? (I don't know if its realistic to fastrope from the Lynx but...) :D
  8. I'm so moist. Great job so far!
  9. Just saying, you are probably going to get a slight negative response to this in general, this forum doesn't welcome the prospect of hiring modders. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?186176-Want-to-hire-a-Mod-maker-Will-pay! Look at this thread for reference, and take what has already been said and go an alternate route, contact a modder. This should also be in the addon request thread, not here. Good luck :)
  10. Dunno why this thread is a heap of texture/paint scheme requests, templates are there for use xD Very nice model, looking forward to seeing how your SEAD implementation works out.
  11. Loving the progress guys, have you thought about including some sort of HMD with the helo's? I've been using Kimi's HMD addon for a while and whenever I don't use it I do miss the added information it gives you. You guys are obviously shooting for no dependencies, but I'd just like to know where you stand on HMDs :)
  12. Donut_10


    I didn't think of the nimitz, but sounds like a good idea, much better than making an island. Wish you the best of luck, looking forward to it!
  13. Donut_10


    Looks great, I think A3 fortifications would work, although I'm not sure how. Have you considered making a small island a few km away from this? So if someone was make a mission to fly, break in, get a prisoner, get out, and fly him away to said island. - If you get what I mean? (I'm making a hash of explaining this lol)
  14. Awesome, good to hear. Ty for the fast reply.
  15. Quick check in on progress, are you guys going to working in Shadow's combat overhaul mod to allow for different launch modes for hellfires on the DAP? Or are you going to be doing your own?