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  1. Hello there! My clan mate and I are currently working on modelling weapons within Arma 3. Our goal is high quality models. So far we decided to work on re-modelling the weapons in Arma 3 Vanilla and adding a few more. This is purely discussion based so far on these weapons. ACR and M249 are being worked on by me. Please, suggest whatever you would like to see in the future. WIP: Rifles: ACR Machine Guns: M249 Sniper Rifle: C14 Up For Discussion: Rifles: M14 EBR Tavor KH 2002 F2000 Kel-Tec RFB FN FAL Pistols: Walther P99 M1911 FN FNP .45 Tactical (with Suppressor attachment) MP-443 Grach Chiappa Rhino Machine Gun: M27 IAR LSAT Note: Some weapons may get added and some may get removed.
  2. Yes it does! If we decide to work on it, I will move it to the WIP section. c:
  3. autica

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    The links are dead for everyone it seems. Mirror One doesn't load because a file error and the second mirror loads like a snail. Good release though! I look forward to it. (:
  4. My thoughts are that it could be useful in future missions with my clan since it can be a bit of a jerk with MK.200 and Zaphir being heavy.
  5. I feel your pain, man. Hahaha. Shouldn't be too hard. I'll put it on the list for discussion! I'll look into it. :3
  6. Recreating them from scratch.
  7. I will release them in the mean time, as we go along. Its what I expect.
  8. Great tutorial man. Learned a lot.
  9. Keep it up mate! We need more up to date Arma 2 content.