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  1. monk1junk1

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    Regarding the 9" rails, the majority of rails procured by 2Com and the sassy cats are the 13" ones with+without the flipup sight (Troy Ind. TRX Alpha/Bravo battlerail) in 99.99% Dark Earth with only a very small number of black rails in the original limited RND procurement, to my knowledge none of which are still in use. I agree that I would like a version without the flip up sight, as I chose not to use the troy front post. We are currently waiting to recieve our IRL Troy rail so this model can be redone in CAD with accurate caliper measurements, just don't expect that too soon. To create an SBR, the 13" rail is combined with a 10.5" barrel, and then cut to length by the armourer rather than procuring more rails. This is also common in SASR. There are a handful of natural 9" rails in circulation (They have started being issued, previously they were all chopped), I just chose not to depict them as I find the "Cut to length" style a more interesting and iconic Australian aesthetic in addition to representing the classic Australian "Nah shibby roight mate, we can make do" attitude. Same with the gas block, they do not use a dedicated low profile gas block, the armourers simply went at the orignal one with an angle grinder and cut it to size (Visible on the WIP M4 Variants). I've also included a few pictures for fun especially focusing on Iron sight position. Typically if the PEQ box is on the top, it is mounted as far forward as possible and the MBUS front post is towards the rear. However, when the PEQ box is on the side it is common for the front post to be mounted up the front. Sadly, dynamic iron sight posittions was not easily doable and as such I leaned towards the more iconic Aussie style of "Front post towards the rear". Other nations do this too, but it is one of those things more prevalent in commonwealth SOF such as mounting optics moderately further forward. Also included are some general Troy Ind. TRX Alpha battlerail references, just for fun. TL;DR Not a bug, SOC Aust armourers are just loose units
  2. monk1junk1

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know we are aware of a few bugs in the mod and are currently working to fix them (Such as SR-25 no sound). Unfortunately, we have all been blasted by IRL work so this has taken longer than anticipated to get done. We anticipate a hotfix to be released early next week once work dies down a bit. Please keep the bug reports flowing even if you think it's been reported already, we only have a few bugs but would love to squish as many as possible in this hotfix so we don't have to make you guys download multiple updates 🙂
  3. monk1junk1

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    Thanks for the reply!! your feedback has been mirrored a handful of times, so it's good to see we can probably narrow down the issues with this update to those few things! The RIS m4 is currently WIP, it possibly should not have been included in the update but oh well, it's there now. We only have one man who does the animations (Shout out to Shifty!) and we lumped him with a whole lot of them to get done for the update, so I made the call to focus down to primarily the Troy rails as they are sorta our flagship item. I agree with everything you said in their regard, they will definitley be getting new animations ASAP. What is there currently is simply a place holder which does not fit especially well (I beleive from the vanilla game). SR-25 sound bug is definitely a big one, that is being fixed right now for a hotfix in the next few hours along with a few other tiny ones. The CRS stocks are unlikely to make a return for two reasons. I've been advised by some professionals that they're not an especially "realistic" choice (I believe the exact words were "Those weird PDW stocks aren't a thing either" and "I wouldn't be caught dead with those" LOL). Additionally, those stocks were part of Toadie's HK416 mod which we used as a base for our first rifles. As we progress we were hoping to become fully stand alone and not need to recycle any of Toadie's assets, hence we have fully rebuilt the M4 from the ground up.
  4. monk1junk1

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    ACWP 1.35 released * M4a5 Carbine 14.5" (Completely redone) * M4a5 Carbine 10.5" (Completely redone) * HK USP 9mm Re-import, retexture * Aimpoint T2 * Eotech EXPS3 * Config improvements *3x camo options, texture and material improvements + New Animations + New grip options + HK416D 10.5" + Glock 19 + Glock 17 + Browning Hi Power
  5. monk1junk1

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    We've been very busy over at ACWP, and we are proud to announce a major update will be dropping in the next few days! Full change log to follow! Follow us at our discord for more updates! https://discord.gg/QuGR5WZ
  6. monk1junk1

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    Ah yes, I see what you mean. I did know about the m300c on the side, but hadn't noticed the one on the bottom, thanks! Also, a new front post is in the works that should be integrated into the rail. This should rectify this issue.
  7. monk1junk1

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    Updated: * Added HK USP 9mm * Added Trijicon RMR (Pistol and rifle) * Added Micro T2 sight * Added Micro T2 + 3x magnifier sight * Added Eotech Exps-33 sight * Added Eotech Exps-33 + 3x magnifier sight * Added PEQ-15, m300c, m600u, WMLX accessories in multiple configurations * Added new camo wrap suppressor * Added several new camo options
  8. monk1junk1

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    G'day mate, Tan/OD versions of all accessories are planned. Can you please post a screenshot of the poor position, I'm aware of a few planning on doing a pass on them soon. The lights are already quite bright (Much brighter than regular ARMA lights), do you want them to reach further or shine brighter?
  9. Australian Commando Weapon Pack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1902310828 Special Operations Command's mission is to generate, command and reconstitute high-readiness world-class joint forces in order to conduct combined special operations in support of Australia's national interests. The aim of this mod is to bring selection of the weaponry used by the soldiers of the Special Operations command to Arma 3. The primary goal is to deliver assets at a high quality, therefore work may take a long time and will be ongoing after initial release. Australian Special Forces use a variety of distinctive weapons, eventually many will be included. Specifically, this mod is based upon the weaponry used by the 2nd Commando Regiment. The 2nd Commando Regiment was established on 19 June 2009 when it was raised from 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (4 RAR (Cdo)), becoming Australia's first regular commando capability. In 2019, the unit celebrates its 10th birthday under the badge of "Commando". This development was conducted through a period of continuous operational tasking with collective deployments to Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout these operations, 2nd Commando Regiment served with distinction, most notably receiving the Unit Citation for Gallantry for its service as a part of the Special Operations Task Group in 2005–2006. The 2nd Commando Regiment represents the bleeding edge of Australia's combat capability. It is with great pride we present to you, the Australian Commando Weapon Pack (ACWP) Currently contains Several variants of the 14.5" M4A5 with Troy TRX alpha rail Coming soon... Pelican Weapon storage container 10.5" Hk416 with Troy TRX Alpha rail Suppressor with heatwrap A variety of accessories made specifically to fit with the rail KAC Masterkey Standalone KAC m203 Standalone w/ Steel Stock USP--9 Other Join our discord! https://discord.gg/jdzDnGz This mod was made with love specifically the unit which I have spent the last few years, SOCOMD Australia. If you are interested in joining, click the link below! Special thanks to: toadie_2k for the amazing NIarms content, as well as having source files readily and publicly available. This was a great learning resource as well as an important base for nearly all the work in this mod The rest of the NIArms team Warden_1 for an incredible high poly Troy TRX Alpha rail model Everyone else who has assisted
  10. monk1junk1

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Have you ever been to a pacific Island? No one wears shoes anywhere. Only time shoes are put on would be for hiking up a mountain, and there are other skins for that. It would honestly be less believable if every civ had shoes.
  11. monk1junk1

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    Khaki: Not Khaki (The rifle): Not a fan of this lightish green colour. It looks more like baby vomit than camouflage. Also, the HK416 needs a foregrip or at least needs the hand moving off the magwell. It looks so lopsided there.
  12. How would I go about modifying damage values for the AK pack alone? I've had enough of emptying half a mag into AI's upper chests only to be two hit body shot.