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  1. Well, I'll keep an eye out for any new releases from you once I get my copy of Arma 3. Thanks for taking the time to reply! :)
  2. Ah, so 1.6 is the final release you've made for Arma2? Out of interest, are you porting this to Arma 3? Or making something similar for the new game/engine?
  3. Hi, So a couple of things before I get to the point of the post. First, myself and a few friends have just started playing the War in Takistan (ver. 1.6) mod for Arma2:CO and I just wanted to say how amazing it is! I'm truly impressed with the level of detail and how much effort it must have taken to code/script this scenario; congratz/thx to Code34. :cool: Secondly, I'm not sure if this problem is truly a "bug", or if myself or a team-mate have done something stupid while playing the game, so I apologise in advance if this is the case! We had managed to play through 3 missions without any issues and the 4th mission involved travelling to the extreme North of the map to destroy a fuel tank in a town. As we were approaching on foot, we noticed some opfor patrolling around the town in question and so we began sneaking closer. Something strange happened during our incursion, because one of my friends seemingly managed to get a Takistani civilian to follow him and neither myself or anyone else on the team could shoot the Takistanis guarding the town; we would get the "friendly fire!" and "watch your shooting" messages as if we were firing on friendlies. It appeared as if we had switched teams to the opfor, except that each of us could see the other players as enemies... Even after destroying the fuel tank (easy, seeing how no-one would shoot us!), and teleporting back to the base, our in game characters began calling out enemy coordinates/positions for all the "friendly"/US troops in the base! It was only after I logged out and back in that the problem was resolved. Did someone press something they shouldn't have, or is this a glitch in the scenario? :confused: Thanks in advance, Pete PS - I can provide the server logs if required.