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  1. bls-shoes

    Mag Repack

    OK, I moved it up in the launcher and it now works, thanks for that reminder. Cheers
  2. bls-shoes

    Mag Repack

    As of the latest update 1.60 Mag Repack unfortunately isn't working for me, anyone else? This mod has been a real asset to my firefights when I am alone and constantly reloading to ensure I have a full mag never knowing what's around the next corner, ha ha. I'm really hoping this mod continues to be updated. To me it is a must have feature. Cheers.
  3. bls-shoes

    Enhanced Movement

    I mapped my jump key to the left ALT key because I use the left control and SPACE to use Autoresting and I mapped the use and interaction keys to the number one and two key above the QWERTY keys.It all works good for me that way. This is me working the keys tonight after the update...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t-Y5amkLFU
  4. bls-shoes

    Enhanced Movement

    Excellent, thanks Benson, I just loaded up my latest map and your mod is working great. Love the way I can pull myself up to the roof of these stone buildings in Zargabad and the interaction with doors and such is smooth, actually it's all smooth. Thanks again Benson.
  5. bls-shoes

    Enhanced Movement

    Great mod, I love it. Increases the immersion a hundred fold easily. My only consolation at the moment is to play your Enhanced Movement - beta release trailer till the newest update is released cause I love the moves. Thanks Benson.
  6. bls-shoes

    Enhanced Movement

    Roger, BLS_Shoes standing by
  7. bls-shoes

    Enhanced Movement

    Ii get the same error when starting the game but going over a wall does'nt work now, all I can do is jump over low objects. Oh wait a minute... My loadout is preventing my vaults, OK looks like I can still leap over fences too, so just the warning at startup.
  8. I was just reviewing older threads relating to mods and scripts that I like to use and after using Zorilya's Garrison script for some time now I have to say it really adds to the game play of the maps I make. I use it along with ASR_AI3 and the two together make a very intense and tactical experience. Thanks to Zorilya and to Robalo for some great work. I also found that setting the radio range in the ASR script plays a big part in helping both scripts work well by isolating pockets of engagement with a small range setting. Hope this helps people trying to stop the entire map from decending upon you all at once, ha ha. I have a small video showing the use of both scripts working together. ARMA 3 - asr ai 3 and garrison scripts together
  9. In order to start iniDBi in the previous version we had to run this in the ini.sqf ...[call compile preProcessFile "\inidbi\init.sqf";] Is this now redundant? If so how is iniDBi2 started? Regards
  10. bls-shoes

    I34dKarma's Roadblock Site Script

    I found the problem with floating bunkers. You need to change some values in line 36 and 38 in the karma_roablocksite1.sqf. The original is... //Spawn Roadblock Bunkers _bunker1 = createVehicle ["Land_BagBunker_Small_F", _bargate modelToWorld [6.5,-2,-2], [], 0, "NONE"]; _bunker1 setDir _sitedir; _bunker2 = createVehicle ["Land_BagBunker_Small_F", _bargate modelToWorld [-8,-2,-2], [], 0, "NONE"]; _bunker2 setDir _sitedir; My adjustments looked like this... //Spawn Roadblock Bunkers _bunker1 = createVehicle ["Land_BagBunker_Small_F", _bargate modelToWorld [7,-1,-4], [], 0, "NONE"]; _bunker1 setDir _sitedir; _bunker2 = createVehicle ["Land_BagBunker_Small_F", _bargate modelToWorld [-7.5,-1,-4], [], 0, "NONE"]; _bunker2 setDir _sitedir; The karma_roablocksite.sqf which controls the basic roadblock without the guns on top was fine and spawned in flush to the ground. It was just settings in karma_roablocksite1.sqf and karma_roablocksite2.sqf that caused the issue. Now i just have to figure out why the machine gunners on top of the bunkers face the wrong way, ha ha.
  11. bls-shoes

    I34dKarma's Roadblock Site Script

    I just downloaded the script and have the same problem with floating bunkers. Anyone have an idea for a fix? Nice script package but it's not useable as it is.