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    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    @PabstMirror Thank you for that content. Is that stuff I need to add to the init.sqf? Also is the faction for the Nato_FIA covered under tf_freq_west too?
  2. Incomitatum

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Two Things... I ask here as my google-fu is completely failing me. One: I have just gotten into editing missions. Is there some code I can drop in to set the default frequencies for my players to the codes we commonly use (packed into the mission file)? Two: Is there a code snippit I can put into the init to stop it from giving long-range radios to squad-leaders by default? Thank you all for your help.
  3. Thanks SAVAGE I have one last question. Seems I have things working VERY well on Takistan, but with one bug: when the game gives us objectives it says they are Near [and then there is a space where there should be a grid-number or town-name but there is nothing] for some things like HVTs this makes play darn-near impossible as it doesn't even put a marker on the map for us to know where to go. Any idea what's going wrong?
  4. And that is part of the disconnect. I think you NOW mean the "Military AI Commander" modules, as OPCOM is no longer present. Here's hoping. I'll keep tinkering with it.
  5. @REAPER LOCK Thank you for the suggestion. However 90% of the tutorial videos are outdated, and the wiki does not seem to answer the questions I have had. I have made great progress divining what I can from the YouTube Videos, but not all of it is analogous with the current version. I was able to get this to work by click dragging into empty space to unlink. Still haven't figured this one out. IF I have this figured out more, you need a "Military AI Commander" unit for EACH side. Each side also needs it's own "Logistics", "AI Skill", "Close Quarters Battles" and "Placement"... all linked to the "Military AI Commander"... So while I am not getting the original OPCOM error, I am still not getting any Objectives.
  6. Nearly There. Thank you for your patience with me, you've been very helpful so far. I only ask these questions because the FAQ and Google Searches have come up snake-eyes. Question: I have got the game to place units and vehicles across Takistan. So far it's fairly lackluster in that I don't get any random objectives or intel. So I have a few questions. It looks like there is important info in the text when I test the mission, but it goes by REAL fast. Is there a way to get a log of this or read back through what it's saying? Question: The last thing I get is this and I think it's part of the problem I am having. "There are 0 objectives for this OPCOM instance! Please assign Military or Civilian Placement Objectives!" Now, this is in spite of me having the modules for both Military AND Cilvilan placement on the board. What is the fix for this? Question: Sometimes when I place things they draw a blue line between them, linking them. Are these links part of my problem? How do I link and unlink? Question: What module do I use to give a random spawn-point in multiplayer? Question: I don't know if this is a side effect of Alive, I do not seem to be able to place EMPTY Units via the editor. Is there a trick to this? I want to but down the Support crate so I can test the ALiVE-tablet functionality, but the Yellow/Empty faction does not seem to be present.
  7. Learning By Deconstruction We finally got ALiVE running on our server and had a blast! We played the Sabotage mission that comes packaged with the mod. No I am interested in opening that mission and seeing how it was made so I can learn from it and make my own. Whenever I hit the EDIT button, after creating a new game, with that map selected, nothing happens. Do you know how I can look into the file and see how it was made?
  8. Getting ALiVE to Work on our server. Our whole clan has the mod now. We just want to test this so we dragged the ALIVE_Air_Assualt.Altis and ALIVE_Sabtoage_.Alits maps over to the MP folder on our server... When we login via our RCon Password and pull up the #missions they are in the list, but when we chose them the server thinks, goes black, and then kicks us to the last map it knew it could run successfully. How can I fix this? Is there somewhere ELSE I am supposed to put ALIVE missions? Do our Clients need both @ALIVE and @ALIVE_Server? Does the Server need both @ALIVE and @ALIVE_Server?
  9. @Redarmy We normally run the Mission version. We would be willing to go to the Mod version but no one has told us how to get the Mod version working with maps. As it stands if we move away from the Mission version then we just have a bunch of maps on our server for Vanilla Zeus. So then, if we use the Mod version, what MAPS do we use in conjunction with it? Or do we need to make our own missions with just a quick spawnpoint somwhere, on the map we want? Thank you for trying to help.
  10. Shay One of our Admins did not respect our naming convention and deleted MCC-9-mission-file off our server. Looking through the GitHub, do you know where we can go to aquire this again?
  11. Not Sure if Bug, or Missing Feature We've had to roll back to 9, as 10 seemed to have some stability problems and 11 is missing wounding... so please tell me if this is fixed in 11 and/or will be in 12... I want to thank you shay for taking the time to get the Zeus flavored spawnpoints working. They still do not react to being Paradrop points in placed in the air, but they have the interface and work quite well. Part of that system is the ability to place the "Loadouts" module (in Zeus, under Respawning). If you use this in Zeus (without MCC) it's very nice. You get to set it down and as players spawn in they are given a screen to choose their role/loadouts. There are tons of preset, but it also looks at what the mission maker has in his Arsenal loadouts, and lists them there. NONE of them are able to be chosen unless the mission maker puts a checkbox next to them. This is quite handy as it lets me have a mission where maybe everyone is pilots; or... I can create an arsenal load-out called Murder Hobo (that is just rags and a big-ass gun), and use tell everyone they are going to use IT for a special story-mission I have planned. This is much more dynamic than Role Selection. As I understand it, once you turn Role Selection on you have to commit to it. With this, I can delete it after the mission and they get to chose their roles from the lobby again. Also I can add TO it at any time. Essentially, I am hoping it doesn't take much to turn this on and get MCC to play well with this feature, but I can't seem to get it to WORK in MCC, no matter WHAT I do. I hope you will please look into it. Thank you. ::EDIT:: Seems part of this functionality hinges on MenuInventory which can be found HERE Here is an example of what they see. https://community.bistudio.com/wikidata/images/2/27/A3_respawnSelectInventory.jpg (152 kB)
  12. Feature Missing? We've noticed with the latest version there is no wounding any longer. You are just dead. I haven't seen anywhere to turn this back on under the MCC/Mission settings. Was this deliberately taken out? Or are we doing something wrong? We only have the basic ShackTac UI mods, nothing else.
  13. Slight Feature Request I have a few semi-survival missions in mind. I really like what you have done with the Brushes. Can you please add a brush that will allow me to remove all Maps/GPS from units. In this way I can rob the players of their maps/gps (gps with no map in your inventory will still let you use the map), and make them have to rendezvous by radio/compass/cooperation. Thank you.
  14. @ShayGman VAB Problems. All I know is this didn't used to be a problem. A VAB made BEFORE players had joined didn't create an issue. OPFOR and OBJECTIVES. I will test right now. You are probably right. If so, thank you for the tip and for putting up with my crap. Reguardless, we are VERY thankful for all you do. @razool To recreate our problem, here are the steps (We have no mods, and are using the MCC Altis Mission). * Join BLUEFOR Alpha 1-1. * Open MCC. * Go to Zeuse. * Place an Object * Add the VAB INIT Parameter. * Verify it works for you. * Have other players join afterwards. * VAB is not present for them and must be added again by hand, or on a new object.
  15. Bugs VAB PROBLEMS As I said here This is not due to a conflict between the Mission and the Mod. This is repeatable, for sure, in the mission. OPFOR MISSING FROM OBJECTIVES ((In Mission Version can not confirm in mod)) When on Blue or Green side and as Zeus, you cannot set RED in any of the hand-placed, objective, modules. When on Red side, and acting as Zeus, you get NO options when placing these sort of modules. Not being able to set Red, makes setting an "Opposing" faction for most of these impossible.