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  1. ERISS

    Why no UFO AFTERSHOCK forum?

    Seems the rights of Aftermath and Aftershock no longer belong here (if they really were): No longer in store.
  2. Why is there no UFO:Aftershock forum? AltarGames is part of BI, but do the rights of Aftershock belong to 1C?? I had written to Martin Klîma, now at WarhorseStudios, about a remake of Aftershock, and he wrote me that "rights for Aftershock are now probably with IDeA games (and this for all practical purposes means Bohemia Interactive Studio, http://www.bistudio.com/)." Or Aftershock and Aftermath are missing in title of Afterlight forum?
  3. ERISS


    Hello SamTheAlone! If a sequel, I'd prefer one like Aftershock (better story, on Earth, better and simpler character system, more and simpler bases than AL, better bases than AL, possible autodefense of bases), with some contents and missing features from Aftermath (air fighters, trashy mood, corner fighting, flares, animated pictures in all windows) and Afterlight (bigger screen resolution, nicer character interface). Aftermath is too simple, Afterlight is too complex.