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  1. Ninjaman666

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi fuller pj Love the mod great work! Just noticed a bug tho with spectre gun ship when sat at airport on stratus in day time, if u enable 3rd person mode and look out side then turn lights on u see black squares round the lights, but not when your flyin? Maybe u know of this or it's already been found just thought I'd tell ya. Keep up the good work:yay:
  2. no more errors problem went away when i restarted machine.
  3. Hi, that sorted it thx, but it still comes up with error on screen when I load up in to a mission but it goes once I open atragmx, any ways happy bunny now can learn to shoot like a pro now :yay:
  4. want to learn how to use your ATragMX so bad. Im thinking its my end tho cause no one else is having probs.
  5. same problem as hellsan631 here. I'm on dev branch does that matter? I can get kestrel to work and all ballistics stuff but no key bindings for atragmx, just brings up all these errors as hellsan631, tried using just your three mods but no go I'm not sure but I think cba hot fix has changed something and atragmx needs it to, looks like a good mod tho well done
  6. Ninjaman666

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    nice one man! cant wait well done well done xxxxxx
  7. Ninjaman666

    Blastcore A3

    cant wait!!!!!!
  8. Ninjaman666

    Blastcore A3

    The kids can put them selfs to bed tonight! I'm guna blow **** up!!!!!!!!
  9. Ninjaman666

    Humming bird doors?

    Hi to all that view and thank you for all that reply to my problem. I don't know if it's my mods or if it's the game but I just downloaded some nice police units and the humming bird had a nice skin on it with "DOORS" in the pictures but in game no doors? I've tried adding doors via editor in the init line but still no look. What happened to the doors? Thx again for any response from this excellent community. I'm loving arma3:)
  10. Ninjaman666

    not able to track with Titan Launcher

    hay i fixed my problem :) it was two mods i had installed: cold war legacy and wings of peace, dame it i liked most of them planes :(
  11. Ninjaman666

    not able to track with Titan Launcher

    Hi i cant lock on to anything in arma3 at the moment neither its been 3days now since i noticed, planes dont lock on launchers dont lock on, the doors of the humming birds are gone cant add them any more but i can lock on in two seater planes and helis with an ai co pilot?
  12. For some reason I can't lock on to enemy tanks, cars, or anything enemy related single seat fighter can't lock on but 2 seater fighter with me as pilot and ai as gunner then I switch to Manuel fire and I can lock on to all the above? Only in 2 seater model and with ai if I remove ai gunner then I can't lock help have I done something wrong?
  13. Ninjaman666

    AI HALO Jump Example Mission

    @Flipper not a clue realy not realy good at this sort of stuff but learning! all i can say is when u place in editor u have to highlight all the template to move it where you want to halo "ABOVE" eg AO..... maybe but dont know? Try adding 7 AI Soldiers in cargo space so they fit ie... dont fall out and can all stand up then save in single player mode ie editor then when your freinds join they become there bodies? I wish i new more but sadley dont hope it may help ---------- Post added at 20:24 ---------- Previous post was at 19:47 ---------- I've tryed for the last 5 hours to get this to work for people with out other arma series, with just one C130 addon downloaded from armaholic site i can do it!! but every time i save it and delete all my arma game series addons to make sure that the downloaded addon C130 dont need dependances from them! and restart my game it says it is missing the main aircraft. I'm lost with this and way over my head i think, so i hope bis release at least one cargo plane so the real talanted scripters and addon makers can deliver the D*G'S B*LL*CKS of a halo/cargo mish!! i will keep tryin with this and will post if i do it, but i cant promise a date thats all i think peace!!!!!!!
  14. Ninjaman666

    AI HALO Jump Example Mission

    I'am of work today got some stuff to do but if I get time I will see about making this with an addon u can download from armaholic, I started making this with out using other arma series but the level of detail I wanted for the c130j cargo area ment I had to use it. If it can't be done then just hope that Bis release some form of cargo plane that I can use with this template of mine.
  15. Ninjaman666

    AI HALO Jump Example Mission

    I have arma2, operation arrowhead, and the baf exspansion which i use in arma3 so as u dont own them you would not be able to use this template of mine sorry about that i should have been more clear.