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    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    I had quite lengthy replies for each of these comments that you made about my last post, Faire. Then I got bored and had a beer and some fresh air and realised that although you come across as a bit of a tit and you completely mis-read my post, it would have gone too far off topic for the thread to carry on debating with you, even though you mis-understood the post. Here are the quick and simple replies, apart from my last response. If you want the more detailed debate, then ask and I'll PM you. If I can be bothered. That's nice. Yes we can. Yes I did and I still think the release/content for A2 was handled better. I did not say it was a more stable game. What the hell does 'unrealistical' mean? do you mean 'unrealistic'? Take a look in the mirror before you start calling people uneducated. Go back, re read my post and re-show, showing post more thoroughly understood. We pretty much agree on a few things. We just have a differing user experience of these games up to now. I do not expect game makers to cater for all tastes at all and if you read my post more thoroughly then you'd see that I quite like the new update, although Bootcamp is a little late considering how long the game's been out and the new fatigue effects need a little tweak here and there, but I like it. Although the update spoiled my groups game session last night, we adapted and still had a good and enjoyable vanilla session and are updating our mods to address the errors that the update generated in the custom stuff. We've learned a good lesson about keeping better eyes on the forums. To repeat: shit happens. I am sure my group is not the only one in that situation either. Still waiting on BI to pull their fingers out and develop a better medical and comm's system though. Oh well. Time for another beer.
  2. D.Smithy

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Anything that makes people have to use the grey matter between their ears to complete their objectives can only be a good thing. If I wanted the run and gun option then I would have stuck to CoD, BF3 and so on. That being said, however, I do like to have the freedom of choice. To me, it's a bit like the 1st Vs 3rd PoV debate (please let's not go there on here!). Like a lot of people have said on this thread, the weapon sway and fatigue values just need to be tweaked a little to make them a little more realistic. I know that with similar amounts/weight of equipment I could cover ground quicker and a little further than the current set up and recover quicker too. But it is a step in the right direction to making it even more immersive and it can only get better over time. Although why BI wouldn't put their own weapon resting mechanic in is, to me, a little boggling. Unless they want to make people pay for it when they release the Marksman DLC... Cynical? Moi? I think BIs approach to ArmA 3, although not the worst I have seen, is a little puzzling; releasing a game with a lot of bugs and not really addressing them as well as they could despite having the means to do so, no proper (or at least decent) medical system, comm's system, weapon resting or bi-pod feature, no campaign upon release, no training scenario/bootcamp missions on release for the new-to-ArmA players. It's only about 10 months late (if you go by official release date and not the Alpha and Beta releases), so better late than never I suppose. I remember ArmA 2, while it had its problems when released, being handled better; it had a campaign, tutorials and was an improvement on ArmA 1. It seems that BI have not learned any lessons from the release of the last two titles and have released an unfinished game still dependent on various mods (depending on the individuals tastes) to make it play better. But again, this is a debate fro another time. The modding community is a massive part of this game and the ArmA community. Without the modders this game probably would have died a death a long time ago so BI giving notice about these levels of changes to configs and so on is only a good thing and it's great they are addressing broken elements of the game, but not everyone reads these notices and other threads. It caught my group out last night and we had to run a semi-vanilla session instead of what was originally planned. I was quite annoyed at the situation at first. While quickly building the backup session I had a few choice words for the dev's at BI while I was building,that's for certain. But it' no big deal. Lesson learned: pay more attention to the forums. We're in the process of sorting our mods out and we'll run the original planned session at a later date. Shit happens.
  3. ^ This is true. I've been an FST observer for 14 years (although we weren't always called FSTs back in the day). Speaking from my own units experience (other Bty's/regiments differed depending on the level of bullshit), when we were on tour and outside the wire on patrol/operations, we never wore TRFs or brigade flashes; The insurgents knew exactly what that RA flash meant. The fact we had radios and all other sorts of fancy kit to make things go bang was by-the-by. Union Flags were fair game. In camp, however, we had to play the game and wear our TRFs and so on, but that's irrelevant in ArmA. The R. Sigs fix our comms (if we haven't done it ourselves). FACs/JTACs can come from other capbadges, but there is a lot of RA/RHA investment in the FAC career stream, and MFCs from the battle group TAC groups Support (that's platoon strength detachments of FSTs) are attached to the teams. Yes, the RA and RHA have the same flash. Excellent work so far on the mod, mate.
  4. This is starting to take the piss now. I own a legal copy of the game, I have tried everything this thread has suggested and STILL it keeps crashing. I had NO ISSUES with this until the stable build update that introduced Zeus. BI, get a f**king grip of your admin and fix this f**king game! All of us paid good money for this and you've failed to deliver on so many levels. And breathe...!
  5. D.Smithy

    Sangin WIP

    Excellent effort, Smoke. Looking forward to building some awesome Op's on the map when it's ready.
  6. What. The . Fuck. You're describing in the first paragraph a very basic fire mission (well basic in the UK anyway). No "immediate suppression" crap at all. The splash of the rounds depends on many factors, distance from Gun Line to target, how good the grid you've plotted is, etc. Shit grid = missing the target and potentially fragging your own troops and/or civilians. A good grid means hitting the target and only conducting very minor adjustments of the MPI/MPB, if at all. And… No, can't be fucked to explain the rest, you obviously know it all. I've only been doing the job for real for the past 14 years... These two elements of you post, Silverwave, prove to me that you know fuck all about how it's done in RL. Drongo69, You're doing excellent work, mate. When I've had the chance to properly get into the updated version (since the last one you sent me), I'll give some feedback on what is already a very well built mod.
  7. There's no difference. Remember in our PMs I mentioned basic I.N. missions? same thing, different terminology. The basic CFF template is still used, which will differ slightly between different countries, but there are no special procedures.
  8. D.Smithy

    Improved Artillery System

    Wrong. But this is not the place to debate this. Take it to PMs if you feel that precious about it.
  9. D.Smithy

    Improved Artillery System

    What do you mean by Up/Down, EricJ? The Phrase 'Up/Down' is used for smoke/illum rounds when you want to adjust how high the fuse will set the round off. You can have illum rounds bursting on the deck if you like (Good for suppress and mark), and smoke rounds bursting a few meters above the ground (even though there is a 2 minute build up time it does leave pretty trails. Every little helps). It depends on the situation though. If you're talking about HE Proximity fused rounds, then there are three HoB settings: low (0.9m), medium (9m) and high (18m). @Drongo69 - That's excellent news, mate.
  10. D.Smithy

    Improved Artillery System

    Looks pretty good there. Can you adjust the height of burst?
  11. D.Smithy

    Improved Artillery System

    As a currently serving FST Observer I'm looking forward to seeing this mod. Any help required then please feel free to PM me and I'll help where I can if needed. I'm no good at the scripting side, but technical assistance yes as this is my job in real life.
  12. Looks brilliant, well done to the team!
  13. ArmA 3 sync works for me at the moment. Still figuring out the in's and out's, but I'm quite happy with it at the moment.