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  1. Hey Lenyoga, looks like i need you again. :( The problems you fixed for me, "just" was the 1st task of my super realistic Spatznaz training. For the 2nd Task you have to pickup a sniperrifel, and shoot another 3 targets hidden in the woods. Targets are setup and the triggers seems to work too. Here it isn't important in what order you shoot them, the task is to find them. PROBLEMS: After you shoot the 1st 3 targets your officer tells you this exact line: "Alright, now for our next task, you need the Sniperrifel from the ammocrate. I will stay here and communicate with you via Radio." 1. The text just fits on the screen & it looks ugly. In the officials campaigns & single mission i see a lot of word wraps or line break (Zeilenumbruch) so that more text fits on the screen. How i do it? 2. You guessed it, after that, your training isn't done yet. But this time your officer must move again a couples of 100 meters. ofcourse, he didn't does it after i wasted the 3 hidden targets, he does it right after he reached the 1st waypoint. How can i do it, that he waits until i completed task 2? 3. Task 3 is, that your officer introduce you, to the commander and reports that you just finsih your training. The command is if you believe it or not Angelina and yes the problem is not how to put here into the game i know that. :P She wants to know your name & congrats you that you finish you training and that you ready to go. After this chat, 1 of her bodyguards (total of 2) should escort you & officer to a chopper in a UAZ which stays besides of us. Ofcourse that all should start after the chat and not at the same time, i hope it is kinda understandble what i want. And i would be nice if the chat & the drive to the chopper is a cutscene. Sorry Lenyoga i guess it isn't easy but i got now clue & bad english as well. i still thanks for all you did so far.
  2. great, everything work now!!! I hope i can finsih the mission now. thanks man. :)
  3. Alright thanks for the Demo! really helped to understand the Waypoints more (i hope). Anyway i still got the problem with target shot out of order. I think i might know why, i got overall 4 triggers by the targets. I got 3 triggers which activate a message like "good T1 down now shoot T2. T2 destroyed now hit the last one. Great you destroyed all 3 targets now pickup the sniperrifle. If i shoot now now out of order it loads the fail trigger but right after it, it loads the normal 1. but for some reason only if i try to shoot target 3 1st, if i shoot target 2 1st it works. If i delete the triggers and only got the fail trigger left, it works perfect. but it must be possibly to have those other 3 triggers as well working. guess i should upload my mission.
  4. 1. well i enter in the fields min max and max basicly ever number there is but it doesn't matter, he still runs immediately after i start the mission. 2. well still only works with the 2nd targte but now even worse then before. he wants to load the fail trigger but then loads that trigger that i destoryed the target in order. EDIT: Strange result, sometimes it works perfects then again what i wrote above. 3. okay it sucks but i can live with it. :)
  5. 1. well i created 2 waypoints but i dunno exactly what to do there is a countdown or whatever. 2. Only worked if i destroy the 2nd target first but not with the 3rd target. i also never so a comman like !(alive) completly new to me. 3. Worked pretty well, but it say that the message is from "Black-Bravo." Is there to change the name?
  6. Hi, i created a training mission, where you are a Spatznaz rookie & a officer tells you what to do. 1. The officer tells you this line, "So you wanna be a spatznaz? pickup your weapon from the ammocrate and follow me." I already remove all the weapons from my soldier and put an ak74su in a crate. PROBLEM: Here is, the officer already walk to his waypoint while talking. He should finish his line & then start running to the waypoint which is outsite of the camp where are 3 targets to shoot. How i do this guys? 2. Now outsite the camp, you ready to shoot the 3 targets. But you must shoot them from left to right. I created 3 triggers with not alive. I named my targets " t1,t2 & t3, so i created 3 triggers with the not alive line. PROBLEM: It doesn't matter what target you shoot 1st, the game always finds it correct. I want that my officer tells something like this "Shooting targets out of order, you gonna have a bad time" and that the mission is failed. How i do this guys? 3. After that you still not done yet, you must shoot another 3 targets but with a Sniperrifle. So you pick that up from another ammocrate and move to your shooting position. The officer should stay this time in his place and communicate with you via radio. The targets are in a forest so it isn't at easy at the 1st time. actually i don't care here if you shoot the targets without order. PROBLEM: How do i let the officer stay in his place and tell me what to do over the Radio?
  7. manny

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Hi, i tryed FFUR 2.5. yesterday for the 1st time. I got a big problem with the A.I. The enemies simply take forever to shoot at me. ever when i already shooting at them. I using OFP 1.96. any ideas? edit: i just tryed it out with civlians. if i got a few civs. with guns, the enemies don't shoot at all at me. works find if i'm west or east.
  8. hi guys, i downloaded for the 1st time the 1969Vietnam Campaign and i need a few addons not incluedet by the campaign. i was able to find all except the DWRgeneral addon which i totally need! Can anyone help me out with this?
  9. well i had to put the 1 by objstatus into strings, but besides this the whole thing worked perfectly. THANKS MAN!
  10. Hello, I'm new here & new to mission making. I downloaded the Map Winter Nogojev and wanna make a few mission if not a campaign 1 day. So my mission is, that you start with 3 other Resistance fighter on a small island and drive by boat to Nogojev to join the Resistance-Camp. I know how to setup waypoints that the Commander orders the group to enter the boat, get out and even move to the camp. What i don't know is how to end a mission & objectives. i want that it reads in the mission briefing someting like that 1. Enter the Boat and reach Nogojev. 2. Find the Resistance Camp in the woods, be careful there might be enemy guards. Any idea what i must do to get those objectives complete? & sorry for my bad english, i'm from germany. I already thank whoever anwser my questions.;)