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  1. Didn't know you could just hide and disable ai, very elegant.
  2. I need a script to make a civilian join the group of any player who walks up and selects the option from the action menu. I have no idea how to achieve this.
  3. Neat solution but I don't think it fits my needs Larrow, unless you're able to waypoint something that isn't an AI controlled unit. Doesn't work so well when it's the n'th fork in a chain.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/dcQlbqz.jpg (304 kB) Lower left is the waypoint that commands the helicopter to land Upper right is the landing site Circled is the helipad in the altis map that the AI keeps insisting on diverting towards, I do not want this. What do?
  5. trigger activation independent present on act deleteWaypoint [test1, 1, 2] All I get is the same damn error. I'm not using scripts to add waypoints (and would rather not) what I'm using is the editor, and the editor doesn't work with what you're giving me. ---------- Post added at 01:47 ---------- Previous post was at 01:35 ---------- Got it working with the setcurrentwaypoint command. But why do units move before they have been activated by a trigger?
  6. I already did I need a way to delete an assload (but not all) of a selected unit's waypoints as a workaround for the lack of triggered waypoint forks. what is a waypoint index? the number of the waypoint in its sequence? Can there be more tha one number? How would that look like?
  7. What I want are forked waypoints But since for some stone dead retarded reason we're only ever able to chain waypoints in a sequential fashion my only alternative is to delete the parts of the bird's nest which aren't relevant to the trigger activated, or just straight up go for execvm thanksbohemia.sqf http://i.imgur.com/Y6fTiHS.jpg (241 kB) (241 kB) How do I get this working?
  8. The AI keeps driving into the same wall pretty much no matter what I place in the way. How do I discourage this without placing additional waypoints? http://i.imgur.com/3f1FoGg.jpg (150 kB) The red arrows show the direction of travel Circled are the wall sections the vehicles will run over every time, without fail, no matter what is placed in their path. Alternatively, how do I insert additional waypoints for the convoy in this script? http://pastebin.com/0nugKkap
  9. Figured instead of scripting markers to act as waypoints I'd just add a bunch of waypoints into a bird's nest and delete the ones which aren't relevant to the specific trigger being used by using the deletevehicle command. But I can only use that once before I start getting weird error messages. How do I set up a trigger to on act deletevehicle wp1, wp2, wp3, wp5 but not wp4?
  10. TrenchClub

    Moving AI into a house

    Still waiting for someone able to break this down
  11. A3 really badly needs the ability to set up controls for vehicle weapons and optics that are separate from the infantry ones.
  12. TrenchClub

    Moving AI into a house

    I'm new to scripting, plase explain if you can how to use buildingpos and nearestbuilding to achieve what I'm trying to do. The ideal solution would be having all the units in the group move to the nearest house.
  13. I've got a group of AI in a vehicle, when upon dismounting I want to have them move either into a specific house to assigned positions or to the nearest random house to random positions but I have no idea how to do either of these with scripts (which it has to be).
  14. TrenchClub

    Boat scripting problems

    Where in the following script would I insert the setvelocity command? And in what form would I have to type it out to get the boat to move 15km/h north when activated? if(isServer)then { vip_defence_group = group vip_defence_teamleader; [vip,vip_defence_officer] joinSilent vip_defence_group; { assignAsCargo exfil boat } foreach units vip_defence_group; (units vip_defence_group) orderGetIn true; waitUntil {count crew exfil_boat == 5}; exfil_boat_group = group exfil_boat; _exfilpoint =_this select 0; _wp2ex = exfil_boat_group addWaypoint [getmarkerpos _exfilpoint, 0]; _wp2ex setwaypointtype "MOVE"; };
  15. I've got a VIP and a boat, when triggered the boat is to come in to shore, pick up the VIP, and then leave. However, no matter what I do no manner of different command combinations will get the VIP to get into the boat without the boat beaching itself (and thus being unable to leave). Is there any way to make this work or do I have to spawn an empty boat already at the shore?