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    Captain of the 617th Private Military Core and amateur C++ Coder/Mod Editor. Mostly here for recruiting, but may delve into the mod realm at a future date.
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  1. Capt.Fitz

    NSS Admin Console

    nvm. i just enabled admin only debug console.
  2. Capt.Fitz

    The Iraqi Warfare Mod [Alpha]

    does the map come with it or is that a separate mod?
  3. Capt.Fitz

    NSS Admin Console

    See i dont mind any of these fixes, but i used NSS as a way to spawn in mod vehicles on my public server without people needing the mods to be on the server. Is there another tool that allows me to spawn/delete mod vehicles on a public server that just show up as invisible to whoever doesnt have the mods or am i fucked until the next update?
  4. Capt.Fitz

    NSS Admin Console

    MCC Sandbox Mod. Run it on yourself and on the server and just log in as admin to use. it will be on your scroll menu. this is mostly for things like changing time, weather, and spawning vehicles (which were basically my three favorite parts of MCC). not quite sure if it allows you to input scripts and codes manually like NSS and i know for sure (well maybe not. still kinda checking it out) that it doesnt have the ability to turn off AI targeting, invulnerability, invisibility, and so on. although i think you can still teleport across the map and stuff.
  5. Capt.Fitz

    NSS Admin Console

    i second that.
  6. Capt.Fitz

    NSS Admin Console

    Any idea when the tool will be updated or this bug will be fixed?
  7. so.... this is for city life im assuming? is there any simpler life mod thats more publicly available? or is Altis Life the only version of life that people are nice enough to distribute?
  8. I'm trying to set up Island Life for ArmA 2. I've currently been running an Altis Life server, but i feel like island life would be more fun. However, unlike Altis Life, there is no central website for it, and i don't know where/how to set up a server for Island Life (or city life, but ive heard that CityLife hasn't actually been released yet. idk. i thought it was) however, for either of these gamemodes, I don't see any sort of Mod download or PBO file download to use as a template. and im not sure if this is how it's supposed to be to host a city life server. if anyone can point me towards some sort of tutorial or download link for the basic things needed to host a city life OR island life server on a virtual dedicated box, please let me know. i could really use the help. thanks. Contact me here or PM me, and if all else fails contact me on steam by searching Demonfire020482. you'll know its me regardless of whatever name comes up simply by the matching profile picture. thanks again in advance, hope to hear from you guys soon.
  9. definitely keeping an eye on this.
  10. Capt.Fitz

    Alien Life - RP Mission Series

    me likey.
  11. Capt.Fitz

    Wasteland for ArmA 3 by 404Games [MP]

    is this thread even still relevant?
  12. post on tonic's site. people there might help you.
  13. Whelp the 617th Server is up. any group of friends who wants to play on it is free to join. :I we've only got a handful of people so police, civilians, and admins are all in high demand. Just filter "617" in the host name. beyond that, I can't help you, because the guy who set it up up freakin didn't show me anything about how he did it.
  14. I was wondering, since we're all into realism here on ArmA 3 and ArmA in general, why the USMC formal dress uniform hasn't been made as a mod yet. It looks beautiful, professional, and just straight up bad ass. In case you guys were wondering here's what im talking about: PS: I heard there was an ArmA 2 uniform mod that was like that, so if that's true, is it possible to port that over to ArmA 3?
  15. 617th PMC has been working hard on getting their altis life server running and now thanks to the hard work of a few people, we have one. Currently it is just Vanilla, but by the end of the week 3-16-2014 we will have a new altis life mission running with the following features: -Custom Skinned Vehicles -Whitelisted Private Military Personnel Slots -Cargo Scripts -Rope Scripts -Life Scripts Afterwards we will continue to work on Player Housing and other cool features. Come check us out. Just filter "617" in the host name.