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  1. what i should fix model.......... sorry with my English and thank you in advance
  2. rinfule


    i can't download key link is dead someone help me pls
  3. i test in 1.06 STABLE and i will test again in 1.08 !!
  4. how to fix this problem ? It is a big problem now ! i think BIS shloud fix first before do anything. becuase this problem make my friend and i can't play and can't do anything this problem happen when player have many desync.... i can't play over 15-20+ on my dedi
  5. I will do the same you tell wait 4 seconds when restarted or changed mission
  6. I think the server did not initial the radio properly, or not finished.
  7. Most of the times when server restarted or changed mission, the plugin will failed to load and you have to reload plugin on TeamSpeak then return to slot menu and return to the mission to make it work.
  8. i can find it in play with six it my problem when i go in my server dedicated http://image.ohozaa.com/view2/xbbVZgx2oPZdHiWc
  9. How to get Arma 3 ACRE to a dedicated hosted server? i have problem file in Acre are not signed by a key accepted by this server. to play on this server in put all .bikey in my dedicated server is not work how to fix it ? Thank you in advance