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  1. Just had the most fun in a long time with Arma just putting a F18F down putting some move waypoints on the map arround the coast on Altis and just sitting in the back. Some music on, it's just like the other ofp/arma games, backseating with AI is quite fun, they make hard turns all the time, and backseat gives cool perspective on the wings. That was really fun! Doesn't the rear seat have a mirrored image on the head up monitor of the HUD of the frontseat, is that doable in arma??? Forward sight is 0,0 in the backseat edit Can we have something to do an airshow? ie. smoke pods? edit2 Just this...
  2. -HUNTER-_

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Spot on!
  3. -HUNTER-_

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Great addon! I've just got one request... Look alike... Would be great! Just the colours mainly... :)
  4. -HUNTER-_

    NLMARSOF V2.185

    Ok I've checked out the addons, really nice, I like the green KM SF unit. But I've had to make a script for them to all have cooler weapons. Some of the RH pack M16 and M4 addons are a nice match. :) Maybee you could do something with that for later update? Or other packs, but something more resembling the Diemaco or other used weapons other then made up future weapons from BIS? Anyways I'm having some good fun so thanks for making them.
  5. -HUNTER-_

    NLMARSOF V2.185

    Ah great addon! I'm liking the merlin... not that much difference from the nh90 bit bigger. ;)
  6. -HUNTER-_

    RED Arrows????

    Well I saw those, they look really nice, but your idea was to make an aerobatics aircraft. And then the Red Arrows are nice indeed eventhough they don't use the L39 but the Hawk. But I thought if you got the texture files and the .pbo open to make a mod. Maybee think up some imaginary cool painsceme for the Altis Airforce so they'll also have a demo aircraft also. :-)
  7. -HUNTER-_

    RED Arrows????

    May I suggest something, first this is a great idea and looking forward. But please can you make one that would seem real for the AAF. Like some kind of demo aircraft say with green smoke and greenish colours just think up something I don't mind, but not an RAF Red Arrows only. Please. :)
  8. SAR Sea (Merlin) king during rescue operation. edit Oh yeah and I had these...
  9. -HUNTER-_

    ADuke's OH58D Pack

    Great a realistic addon, brand new for Arma 3, and a nice helicopter aswell. Hope you keep it as realistic as possible, and take care in making the ball work properly. That would be suberb, using it as it's supposed to ie. behind cover observing. Please don't make unrealistic load outs, like the .50 machine gun pod would be much cooler then yet another minigun.
  10. -HUNTER-_

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    You know I just thought of something really simple I used like a million times back in the day... A 'digital camera'! :-) Just something that zooms a clear picture... perhaps even... just thinking this up right here... As you can have different optics in game now... you could have different lenses! :O :)
  11. -HUNTER-_

    Enemy soldiers take too much damage

    Again today... it took 4!!! shots of 7.62mm >>TO THE HEAD<< from 10 meters to kill a guy... And I didn't even shoot him in the helmet. Straight into his face, that's not real... After the 2nd shot I couldn't believe it let alone having to shoot him a third, and fourth time. In the head...
  12. Any 'weapon' which uses a scope sight, ie. you can zoom in etc... Like for instance the simple binoculars. (I've editted addons for a bit in Opflash/Arma times) the rectangle in the view, can that be taken away? By for instance opening up the binoculars, and taking out the 'file' that shows the certain 'crosshairs' for some scopes, and also the binoculars? Goal, is having a scope without rectangle in the view... photography is end means... there used to be addons for taking in game screenshots. Would this need to be done the old fashioned way ie. opening up the .pbo and then taking out the file. Or can somehow this be done nowadays with some fancy scripting? It's been 6-7 years now I've forgotten how that worked. I knew it once... I've not downloaded all editing tools etc yet. Thanks
  13. -HUNTER-_

    FGM-148 Javelin, can we fix it?

    Good work!! Much appreciated!
  14. -HUNTER-_

    The island is boring.

    I'm not screaming, just telling you that you simply do not have a single clue. Instead you are again trying to get an argument started... --- Tried to respond to this and wrote 4 different posts, instead I've said F it... be wise and Ill not reply... (I've got to get used to 'this' again...)
  15. -HUNTER-_

    The island is boring.

    These kids of 'demands' topic should be deleted right away! Especially if it's clear the TS has no clue what so ever about the OFP/Arma series, and what the idea behind it is.