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  3. This problem in Arma 2 or Arma 2 OA/CO ?, each version have different bug, are you using mods ?
  4. ...heading and moving to specific direction, example: _direction = 180; _vel = 200; _planeName = MyPlane; _planeName setvelocity [0,0,0]; _planeName setdir _direction; _planeName setVelocity [_vel *sin(_direction), _vel *cos(_direction), 0];
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    Whitesnake - Still Of The Night
  6. @CMajor28: please try this, (if you still interest to use that script) add this define part above "while {alive _fu} do {" line: _fhs = _fhd + _fus; _fudz = _fus; _fhdz = _fus; find this part in the script: if (_fhd > _fhz) then { change to: if (_fhd > _fhz and "MOVE" == currentCommand _fu) then { ...please feel free to optimize, tweak or expand the script. @Harzach: thanks for converting the script to sqf, it works.
  7. Hi CMajor28, I made a script for my mission (in my sig') to prevent heli AI crash, the script help the heli AI to fly more safely over any high cliffs/mountains with flyinheight 60 (minimum recommended). But the script is an sqs. usage: [HeliName,60,0.1] exec "flysafe.sqs"; _fu = _this select 0; _fhd = _this select 1; _fdy = _this select 2; _fhtr = "Helihempty" createvehicle (position _fu); _fus = getPos _fu select 2; _dy = _fdy *0.5; #flyck ? (1 < speed _fu) : _fus = speed _fu; _fhz = getPos _fu select 2; _fhu = getPosasl _fu select 2; _fhtg = getPosasl _fhtr select 2; ? (_fhd > _fhz) : _fhs = _fhz +_fus; _fudz = -_fus *_fus; _fhdz = _fhd +((_fhd -_fhz) *2); ? (_fhd < _fhz) : _fhs = _fhd +_fus; _fudz = _fhz *0.1; _fhdz = (_fhz +(_fhd *0.05)) -((_fhz -_fhd) *0.1); _dfu = getdir _fu; _ftx = _fhs *sin(_dfu); _fty = _fhs *cos(_dfu); _fhtr setpos [(getPos _fu select 0) +_ftx, (getPos _fu select 1) +_fty]; if (_fhtg +(_fhd *0.5) > _fhu) then {_fu flyinheight ((_fhtg +(_fhd *0.5)) -_fhu) +(_fhd *1.2); _fu limitSpeed _fudz} else {_fu flyinheight _fhdz; if (_fhd *0.6 > _fhz) then {_fu limitSpeed _fudz} else {_fu limitSpeed _fus *(1 +((_fhu -_fhtg) *0.002))}}; ~_dy if (alive _fu) then {goto "flyck"}; deletevehicle _fhtr; exit
  8. AFAIK, FSM is very useful for campaign mission
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    Gorky Park / Парк Горького 1989.
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    Dr. Stein - 2010 Dr. Stein - 1988
  11. please try this... _cargoPlanePos = getPos _cargoPlane; sleep 1; _ammoBox0 = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox", _cargoPlanePos, [], 0, "none"]; _chute = createVehicle ["ParachuteBigWest", _ammoBox0, [], 0, "none"]; _ammoBox0 attachTo [_chute, [0,0,-1]]; waituntil {0.1 > getPos _ammoBox0 select 2}; detach _ammoBox0; _abx0p = getpos _ammobox0; deletevehicle _ammoBox0; sleep 0.01; _ammoBox = "USVehicleBox" createVehicle (_abx0p); sleep 0.01; clearMagazineCargo _ammoBox; clearWeaponCargo _ammoBox; _ammoBox addMagazineCargo ["15Rnd_9x19_M9SD",10]; _ammoBox addMagazineCargo ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",10]; _ammoBox AddWeaponCargo ["M9SD", 2]; _ammoBox AddWeaponCargo ["M16A2", 2]; _ammoBox AddWeaponCargo ["Binocular", 2]; _ammoBox AddWeaponCargo ["NVGoggles",2];
  12. Can you post your current SQF's ?, maybe someone could give more help, or maybe someone could tweak/optimize/expand that flower.sqf, (TBH this is my second time ever creating a script in SQF format, I'm new in scripting, so SQS is my preference XD.) ...umm, about create a group name, if it's not possible to create a group name in unit init field (groupname = group this), you can also create/define a group name on somewhere else, (sorry if you already know...) example, creating a group name in init.sqf or on trigger act or on another script: groupname = group UnitLeaderName; or groupname = group player; btw, the script can also be use for AI group follow AI group. example: null = [westgroup1, AIinfantry1, 20] execvm "flower.sqf"; null = [westgroup1, AIinfantry2, 20] execvm "flower.sqf"; null = [AIinfantry1, AIinfantry2, 20] execvm "flower.sqf"; null = [AIinfantry1, AIinfantry3, 20] execvm "flower.sqf"; null = [AIinfantry2, AIinfantry4, 20] execvm "flower.sqf"; null = [AIinfantry2, AIinfantry5, 20] execvm "flower.sqf"; or null = [westgroup1, AIgroupAAinfantry, 20] execvm "flower.sqf"; null = [AIgroupAAinfantry, AIgroupTANK, 50] execvm "flower.sqf"; etc.
  13. did you create a group name to that playable unit (editor placed units) ?..., if yes, did you use that 'group name' ? I mean, did you create this ?, in unit (leader) init field: groupname = group this; A simple demo mission has been added in post #3.
  14. Script updated, see post #3, now, they start following the player again after respawn (player must moving a bit for triggering their distance check), script will stop only if the current follower group have no 'alive' unit.