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  1. poorly made game technically
  2. His CPU shouldn't have any trouble at low or medium settings, as he said he tried low settings to no avail. Your argument is only valid if a quad core AMD can run it at least at 33 fps on low. Havrn't you heard of box misrepresentation? ---------- Post added at 03:48 ---------- Previous post was at 03:45 ---------- i agree, i tried all possible tweaks even Steam tweaks, settings adjustments, etc. there's really something wrong like no other game has. If a quad core (regardless of brand or speed) can't run it in low, thats when you know there's a problem with the game.
  3. I was hoping that as time went by, performance issues (fps) were going to be addressed even minimally, but it appears with the WIN campaign, it got worse. Setting it to low or high doesn't make a difference at all. I am so very very very much disappointed in BIS. Makes me think twice about spending on future BIS titles for fear of the same. :mad:
  4. as stated. Sure you can get 2-3 points improvement, maybe 4, but thats it. Its the game that needs adjusting not the computer.
  5. RGN_07

    using UAV issues

    OP, you'll need 2 things. a UAV bag and UAV control. Place the bag in the slot in your inventory and the UAV control in the GPS slot. Once done, mouse scroll on the ground and you'll notice added options. Just operate it like a heli. Hope this helps.
  6. Unless someone can explain why turning shadows to "high" does not negatively impact performance, it remains a joke. If were to follow the above logic, then adjusting the other settings upward to make the GPU take over should yield best results in SLI. But it doesn't.
  7. i see the "post new thread" tab w/c means i can start posting new threads. Thank you BIS.
  8. 1) make enemy AI a bit less super eagle eyed. How is it that they can hit me even when i'm proned and beyond a hill slope? I can't see them cuz they're on the other side of the slope; 2) performance improvement options, ie allow PhySx off, and bigger impact on fps when settings are lowered.
  9. RGN_07

    Double your FPS

    After trying in-game configuring, cfg tweaking or via launch options in Steam, driver updating, game boosting apps, etc. i noticed minimal fps changes such as 3-5 + or _. It really comes down to one's computer. I tested setting everything to the barest minimum (all low) vs my desired settings and there was a slight 4-5 fps improvement, there's no 30% or 50% fps spike let alone "double." I know my rig is a 2-yr-old dinosaur- 560GTX ti and Phenom II quad core 3.2ghz cpu. I can play on "standard" mostly with an occasional "high" and these will only give 21-34 fps range on sp. (34 is even hard to maintain unless i look at the sky). But hey, i'll take what the game gives given my comp but am always open to try new things for a good gaming experience.
  10. Before my question, i want to thank you for this awesome mission editor tutorial, i bookmarked it as reference when i do my first Arma3 mission . I noticed there's no message about the mission's end. Is this automatically shown when no more OPfors are alive? or a Mission failed message if the Blufors lose? Thank you.