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  1. with the old misions, dont work , always the new mission imported is empty..
  2. Hi guys, how are you?? I have a old mission with the 2d editor, how import to 3d editor eden ?? What I did is to open the editor , then import the mission , but it does not work , the mission save empty, any fix ?? =(
  3. Where do I find the mission of CTF 16 END GAME KABALA.pbo ? I want to create a dedicated server with this mission. Anyone know where to find it ? or I can do to choose this mission and create dedicated server?
  4. module or scripting ! There must be some way !
  5. Hello how are you? I need help , want to do a mission and to use the download intel module , which can be found in the new multiplayer mode ( CTF 16 END GAME KABALA.pbo ) . Where do I find this module and how do I use someone could help me?
  6. I have this mod - Community Base Addons A3 - Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack - ASDG Joint Rails Try to disable them but still with the same problem ! anyone know how to fix it ?
  7. The game dont work.. have a bug in the menu arma 3 http://postimg.org/image/dp10ig6xt/ See the picture Not let me enter the multiplayer .. there is an incompatibility .. not pass you the same? You have AIA SA with Hight resolution ?
  8. This mod AIA TP works?? I have All in arma SA and dont work with the last update
  9. I have to uninstall the mod???????? That no longer works .. and then will not see any patch to fix this little problem with the incompatibility with last update 1.38 RC? = ( It is an excellent mod! a shame! = (
  11. With the last Update Arma 3 1.38 RC this mod dont work!!! =(
  12. Yes thanx man! I put this in On act : nul = [logic1,1,30,[true,false],[false,false,false],false,[8,0],[3,0],1,nil,nil,nil] execVM "LV\militarize.sqf";
  13. Hey guys how are you? I'm using the SPAWN AI SCRIPT http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?165089-AI-Spawn-Script-Pack And I need to optimize my multiplayer mission .. The Simple cache function that brings this script does not work me .. Do I need to know how to activate a GameLogic calling a trigger. try in various ways but does not work me. My mission goes very slow, need to optimize my gamelogic: nul = [this,1,30,[true,false],[false,false,false],false,[8,0],[3,0],1,nil,nil,nil] execVM "LV\militarize.sqf"; ---------- Post added at 23:39 ---------- Previous post was at 21:41 ---------- Somebody help me please.. my mission work in 20 fps.. very slow
  14. any help? do not know how to use that code ..