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  1. Predator38

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hello. Now, with the v0.9.4h, we have a new issue : The 3D voices seems not work correcly. Sorry, I can't explain with more details, my english is not very good.
  2. Predator38

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    That's great ! I'm so impatient ! :)
  3. Predator38


    Very nice mod, but I have a problem, the lightbar and siren work on a server on my computer, but not on my dedicated server... Why ? I need a quick answer, I need them for tomorrow !! Thanks !
  4. Predator38

    C-130J Port Release

    Have you see my message Theebu ?? I died when I try to jump from the ramp as a passenger. I don't know why. If you can help me, that could be cool !
  5. Predator38

    C-130J Port Release

    Hi, awesome plane, but I have un problem. I died when I try to jump from the ramp as a passenger. I don't know why. If you wan help me, that could be cool !
  6. Predator38


    Can you make a RPG-7 ? That could be cool !
  7. Predator38

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    When will the aircrafts release ? :( I can't waiiiit !!!
  8. Have you see my message, X39 at the page 45 ?
  9. Hello, just for tell you : Awesome mod BUT : Some littles bugs like : Drag work half the time, when carrying, the injured stay down on the ground and we walk with him in the feet. And one thing that would be AWESOME: A real animation for the CPR like that : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/05/1391022657-arma3-29-01-2014-20-03-08-606.jpg
  10. @Saul : Can we change the sound of the ejection seat ? If it's possible, how can we do that please ?
  11. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but the arresting cables stops the aircraft too fast. It stops immediately instead of going further on the deck of the carrier.
  12. A bug that I can tell you : only one pilot on two is ejected with the F version when I press "eject".
  13. For the next update, can you put more crewmen which a crewman do that animation ? :DThat would be cool ! :D
  14. No, but if I do that, when I launch my mission, it's tell me "downloadable content was deleted" and I can see all names of the modules, etc... EDIT : Ok it's work now, thanks TeTeT ;) PS : Very good job for the textures and the scripts ;)
  15. I've try to play the mission in the rar of the addon, but it's don't work, nothing happens... EDIT : Wait I try an other idea. EDIT 2 : Yeah, I launch the mission successfully but, nothing work, the same in multiplayer... Only the the v3.06 work for me. :(