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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question. I've been modifying this mission on my own to make the perfect experience for the map N'Ziwasogo. That means all enemies are F.S.F. jungle soldiers, which I've already accomplished. However, these jungle soldiers don't have any armor, or any vehicles for that matter. I've found that substituting in SUD Russia's green versions of OPFOR vehicles works very nicely for unmanned vehicles such as those found at the prefabs in enemy zones. The problem I now run into is the fact that when WARCOM sends out OPFOR groups, it can only send out groups that exist in the classfiles, therefore, I can't send out jungle soldiers using russian vehicles. My question is, is it even possible to make a custom group for WARCOM to send out? I don't mind having russians drive the BMP, I just want to have the jungle soldiers along side the BMP so you can't tell it's a russian group. Considering how many hours I've put into editing this mission, I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me piece this last bit together. Edit: Just realised Rlex and 1212PDMCDMPPM are curently doing the exact same thing as me... I guess I'll hang tight for now and see if they manage to find a way around this.
  2. TaskForce357

    Jurassic Arma

    THIS MOD LOOKS AMAZING! I WANT! I'd donate if it got an alpha version up for download.
  3. TaskForce357

    @A3CV - ArmA 3 Coop: Vietnam

    Can't wait for this mod! I would do anything just to have that beautiful map, let alone the soldiers and factions. Amazing work!
  4. Please Help! ====================== ==================================== ==== ===================================== ===================== Hello everyone, ever since Gamespy shut down, I've been looking for a new way to host a server for me and some friends. We have been using Hamachi, but not everone I know has it, so it makes things complicated and difficult. I decided to look into port forwarding, and I do believe I did it successfully, however, when I click the "ok" button on the new server screen, my game freezes and subsequently stops responding. I have tried changing the name of the server, changing the amount of player, and creating a password to no avail. Where it gets interesting is when I change the port from the default 2302 to 2303, I can get through to the next screen. But once I'm there, my port forwarding no longer works therefore other people can't see my server. And, if I choose any mission, I can't see the players/role selections on the following screen. Bear in mind I can see the players/role selections when I host via LAN. I'm thinking the best solution would be to find out why the 2302 port (as well as just about every other port) makes my game crash and fixing that. Does anyone have any ideas? ===================== ===================================== ==== ===================================== ===================== Please Note: *Yes I did delete all Steam Workshop missions and unsubscribed from everything and even deleted the missions' cache from my user/appdata/arma3/mpmissions* *I also am not running any addons atm* *This crash has only been happening for the past few days that I've tried to host the internet server, because the last time I tried was when Gamespy first shut down and I was able to "host" the server successfully, even though my friends could not join because of port forwarding* *I have tried verifying steam game cache a few times already as well*
  5. TaskForce357

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    Thanks for the advice, I'll give that a try. If it works, my 9GB multiplayer modpack is complete! Regardless, here's a graphical demonstration of your help today: …_|\____________________,, ../`–||||||||————————)< ==-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=--D (Mod Problems) …),—.(_(__) / - ..// (\) ),—-â€.’ .//___// /`—-’ / ____ / Edit: Still no luck, the VTS_weaponresting was not reinitialized when I used Moduload, but all of my other mods were. I still have the addon properly installed, so I'm not sure why it would be ignored by Moduload.
  6. TaskForce357

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    Hey guys, I've been successfully using this addon for a few days now, but today, it stopped working. It still loads the plugin because I can see the logo on the home screen. I was in the editor's function viewer while in-game and when I found that opening the function viewer causes the addon to initialize after I close the function viewer. I also noticed that the function for this addons waits for "BIS_fnc_init" to return true before starting, so maybe opening the function viewer while in-game causes that string to produce the true value needed for this addon? Regardless, I take it the issue is on my end, as it works when I make that string become true. So can anyone provide me a replacement event I could put in for "BIS_fnc_init" such as something that takes place when I load into a mission? Also: I found that when I first start up Arma 3, this pops up at the bottom of the screen. I'm not sure it relates to this addon, but it's there - "[bIS_fnc_activateaddons] The function can be activated only during mission init" PS: If you haven't noticed, I'm very new to all of this, so I may be entirely wrong in how I've gone about this. So bear with me, I'm doing my best to learn :D
  7. I am a man of many mods, and this is the ONLY mission I play in Arma 3! (and I mean it, this mission is the reason I wake up in the morning!) I know it may not be this simple, but I think it would be cool to just grab all of the vehicles from the BLUFOR faction when the mission is started, and give the user a menu that would allow them to set a CP price for each unidentified vehicle (or exclude them). This way, mod support wouldn't be necessary for every vehicle mod out there, but players would still be able to use things like re-textured hunters or Arma 2 vehicle ports without having to spawn them in illegitimately. Of cource, players could just choose unreasonably low prices and cheat, but it would be up to the player to choose reasonable prices.
  8. TaskForce357

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    Thank you thank you thank you! :D
  9. TaskForce357

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    I love this map! My only issue is that I can't play a sandbox mission called DUWS that I usually play. The reason being is that I need to rename the mission file using the island's name, and I can't seem to get the name right. It works for Altis, Stratis, Chernarus, Baghdad, etc. I just can't seem to guess the correct name to use for this map. I tried N'Ziwasogo, F.S.F N'Ziwasogo, and NZiwasogo. I don't know what else it could be filed as :/ do you know what I would have to address this map as? Regardless, keep up the fantastic work! The maps looks beautiful!
  10. I have been playing this mission all day, however, after just a few in-game days, I find that the fog level is soo dense, that the mission is simply unplayable. Is there a way for me to edit the mission and change the weather given that the weather option at the beginning is not functional ATM?