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  1. Also a big thanks from me, for great contents, and ofcourse the help you gave me with my modding problems. Regards
  2. Thanks for the help robalo, but the problem is another. I only want the LLM01 the only compatible Pointer since it´s the only one that fits right in place on the G36. The problem Cyclone is facing (if i understood him right), is that he can´t mount the Lase before the spawn. But the Laser isn´t even using the ASDG so to problem is somewhere else. Also next update will aproximately released this sunday. Features: Special JSRS G36 Sound Various Bugfixes Properly signed for MP use regards
  3. @Gole The HAFM mod features an G36 with AG36. I won´t make one by myself since my 3d Modeling skills are pretty bad and the standard AG36 is to long for the G36c. @taumargin The LLM01 (Laser or Light) from FHQ Accessories is compatible with all variants.
  4. I don't really understand what you are trying to say. The weapon isn't equipped??. Do you you mean the flashlight isn't attached to the weapon wen starting the game? That's a problem i noticed, but since the attachments with asdg work different and i don't know either. Would be better if you ask the question in the asdg Thread. Maybe there a workaround for that. I would create a Class with the Laser already attached but in case of asdg i don't know how. Regards
  5. Are you using the arma3 weapons pak from marsielle too? Since some classnames are the same they can conflict. Will be changed in the next update. Also the optics will only fit on the Railed versions.
  6. spectrobr

    Forever alone in Sweden

    What the actual fuck? lol
  7. Transparency is a weird thing in arma. The stadart transparecy was almost 99%. I decreased it as much as possible. A little bit more and ir goes almost black when theres a little bit shadow on it
  8. Thanks corporal lib for figuring out. The optics here are working 100%. Further i'm using the EBR reload animation wich fits almost perfectly (im talkig about the hand animation). Only the magazine transition isn't perfectly matching now because you have to write all transition values in the model.cfg by hand, and the only way to do so is trial and error. For me it's good enough as it is now, since most weapon mods only feature a simple: disappear and reapear magazine animation. (If you seen it one time it can't be unseen :P) I could simply use the values from the EBR model.cfg but since it's binarized in the game files i don't know any ways to get them without help from an BIS programmer. Regards
  9. Ok just testet it and it´s working fine. Other weapons are working fine for you? Are you using a silencer (wich adds an mechanical sound). Default sound without JSRS are working? Are you sure you installed and loaded JSRS right? (DO NOT FORGET CBA!!!!)
  10. Are you using the new 2.1 that was just released? The Patch was made with the 2.0. Im just right now downloading the 2.1 and have to test it myself. regards
  11. From my config class G36_mag : g36_Mag_base { scope = 2; displayName = "G36 Magazin"; model = "\G36\G36\G36_mag.p3d"; [b]ammo = "B_556x45_Ball";[/b] picture = "\g36\g36\data\eq_m_g36_ca.paa"; count = 30; }; (Vanilla 5.56) It should work fine as it is. It doesn´t matter wich magazine it uses, but the bullet thats "in the magazine". The magazine Parameters in config just defines how many Bullets, wich bullets, and what 3D Model the Magazine is using. regards
  12. @nigirinus It´s using it own magazine but the default 5.56 Caliber. I think the Adjustor mod is changing the caliber, so it should be working fine. But i was thinking about creating a "new" 5.56 Caliber wich Bulletdrop actucally matches the HKV. But not sure yet and will be announced, maybe alternate. @boggler Will be signed in next release, Just have to look into it, since i haven´t signed anything till yet.
  13. Already noticed. Will be fixed in next version.
  14. Need Something to display actual Bundeswehr Gear? Yes me too, so i decided to Port the G36 from Arma 2 over to Arma 3. I also have added some new Variants like a G36K with Rail and various AG36 Grenade Launcher versions. Content: Features: -Optional JSRS 2.0 Soundpatch (uses the mk20 soundfiles) -Optional ASGD Joint Rails Patch -New Variants with AG36 Grenade Launcher taken from the Arma 2 XM08 -Fire Selector now on both sides of the rifle. -Fixed Fire Selector Texture: now has Safe, Single, Fullauto -Arma 2 G36 Bugs fixed: G36A Reddot Fixed, Rate of fire corrected, Firemodes corrected (no burst) -Fully working Reddot and Scope (HKV). -Fully animated: Moving Bolt, Bolt catch, Reloading Animation, Animated Bullets in Magazine, Fire selector, Muzzleflash, Grenade Launcher Leaf. -Compatible with 5.56 Silencer -Compatible with LLM01 from FHQ Attachments -Box can be found in Editor under "Empty -> Ammo -> G36 Box -Classnames G36A1: "g36a" G36A1 AG36: "G36agl" G36C: "G36c" G36K: "g36k" G36K KSK: "G36k_r G36K AG36: "G36kgl" G36K KSK AG36: "G36k_rgl" Magazine: "g36_mag" Silencer: "muzzle_snds_M" LLM01 Laser: (FHQ Accessories pack) "FHQ_acc_LLM01L" LLM01 Light: (FHQ Accessories pack) "FHQ_acc_LLM01F" Pictures: G36A1 G36A1 with FHQ Acessories LLM01 Laser Mounted Scope (HKV) Reddot G36A1 AG36 G36C G36K AG36 with Silencer and an FHQ Accessories Scope Download: http://www.multiupload.nl/T4D0G9PNRQ or http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24483 Installation: 1. Unpack RAR File 2. Simply Copy the @g36_a2p folder to your Arma 3 main directory. 3. If you are using JSRS 2.0 and/or ASDG copy one of the addational Confg PBO to the "@g36_a2p\addons" folder. (Names should be self explanatory) 4. Load Addon ingame via Ingame Extensions or by altering the startup parameters "Arma 3\arma3.exe" -mod=@G36a2p 5. Enjoy! Known Bugs - Issues: (Please report if you finde some) -Original Arma 2 Sounds sounding cheap. -Scope not matching Bullet Physics after 400 M since Arma3 Bulletphysics is other than in Arma 2 -Magazine Bullets Bugging while reloading Grenade Launcher (BIS Based, nothing i can do about) -Hand on AG36 Models bugging slightly trough Magazine -Ag36 Texture not matching Rifle Texture Special Thanks: Big big thanks to Aplion for great Help with Textures, Modelling and Bugfixing in general. You are awesome dude! Bohemia Samples files Bohemia Released Arma 2 Files Bohemia Wiki