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    AI Respawn

    so the premise your describing is that you create a playable unit, and declare that AI is not disabled. thus, when that unit(>>>AI, not a player<<<) dies it will respawn at its marker ("respawn_east"). Correct? EDIT --- Ahh ok, i see. So playable AI will respawn if playable. now the only thing to figure out is how to have it re-init itself. thanks.

    AI Respawn

    "Respawn AI", i know how to respawn units. But i want to respawn AI
  3. Hey guys, Had a quick idea for a training/gun test area. Basically there will be a decked out AI, that wont fire or move (or might be moving) [[[i Know how to use "disableai" func]]] The thing im trying to figure out is how to Re spawn the AI, to have the same Init, and will walk or just re spawn back in the same spot as before. If anyone knows how to do something like this, it would greatly appreciated. Thanks, SOFTACT
  4. I know they had some in Arma 2, but is there a way to set a watermark for servers in Arma 3. A water mark is branding on the screen that will say maybe a unit name, or ts3 info ect, ect
  5. So i am currently running a AW - Altis for my public server, and it seems like all Revive scripts are breaking. Farq Revive: Simple and Good, Cant Load into Vehicles, and have to ALT-F4 when crashing a helicopter. BTC Revive: Broken, Naked when respawning, Duplicating items because of VAS+BTC. INS: ?? A3 Wounding: Broken, doesnt work half the time. Players lose options. So i am looking for a fix, or a STABLE revive script that might be out there. It seems some of the editors have gave up on their projects or dont have the time. If anyone knows of a good revive script that would be great! ~SOFTACT
  6. is there a way to disable fatigue system released in BootCamp?

    =BTC= Revive

    This started happening after this weeks update, BTC Revive has not been updated in ALONG time, nor has BTC Logistics. I would suggest looking into another revive script(not much to choose from).

    =BTC= Revive

    Im having a glitch, when a comrade dies, the drag and carry option is there for about 5 seconds, then it disappears, i can only revive him, but cant drag him into cover. Any help would be great
  9. So been searching for awhile now on how do to some mission parameters. Cant seem to find what im looking for, everyone wants to change time and weather. All i want to do is activate a SQF if they choose value 1. What i currently have: class Params { class ReviveEnabled { // paramsArray[0] title = "Enable Revive?"; values[] = {1,0}; texts[] = {"Yes","No"}; default = 1; }; class PlayerMarkers { // paramsArray[1] title = "Player markers on map?"; values[] = {1,0}; texts[] = {"Enabled","Disabled"}; default = 1; }; class VAS { // paramsArray[2] title = "VAS Box At Start?"; values[] = {1,0}; texts[] = {"Yes","No"}; default = 1; }; }; I have made custom scripts that work upon if the option value is 1 or 0. [] execVM "scripts\vasload.sqf"; [] execVM "scripts\playerMarkers.sqf"; and then for revive im using far revive, so i need to call it: call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "FAR_revive\FAR_revive_init.sqf"; ive tried many ways, but she cant find them nor will she activate them. Any thoughts? Just want to activate thous scripts if the value is 1 Thanks, SOFTACT
  10. @shay & spirit Yes you are right, my server was running r19, and my modpack was running r19. its odd, because i thought i updated it. Sorry for the confusion, ill do a test operation and see if it fixed it. Thanks for the reply! ~-SOF- Tactical Realism
  11. Hello, I have been seeing some problems with mcc that maybe someone else has found? The mission editor gets very slow and unresponsive. To a point that it takes 5 mins for your spawn to appear. We did a very simple operation, only about 30 AI, and this was after a fresh server restart, at the begining it was even laggy and slow for mcc to place units, but the ingame experince was not laggy, just MCC was lagging. Any input would be awesome. Thanks, ~SOFTACT
  12. Do you know of any good ones, im searching the database right now for something similar to restricting it. Unless i have a loop script waiting for the vehicle to re-heal after it finds it !alive. If {!alive mhq1} then { mhq1 setdamage 0.9; }; Something like that maybe?
  13. Hey Guys, Working on a MHQ project, and im having some "Morals" problems. Basically, because i dont have a working script for vehicle re-spawning "Tophe's" I need to be able to keep the name & init of the vehicle, but that script does not work properly with that. So theres the morals: Either i have the MHQ un-destructible, or let it blow up, and never recover it. So i was thinking if there is a way to prevent it from exploding, keeping it at the border line from Exploding and being completely damaged. Having the vehicle rendered use-less until recovered. If there is a setting for this, i would love to hear about it. Thanks

    Boeing C-17 ArmA 3 Mod

    0.0 X.X Now just got to recruit some Fixed Wing Pilots for my AirCorp Company!