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  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a good tutorial for setting up Arma3 Sync for FTP? I have been looking but can't find anything. I must be blind Thanks ahead ***** Got it working, finally found somewhat of a video. *****
  2. setman

    Adding water

    Basically took the heightfield.asc into L3TD and edited it in there and them imported it back into Terrain Builder
  3. hey guys, Is it hard to make a map a little bigger and put water around it? Right now I am at 1024x1024 Thanks @@@@ Learned how to do it Thanks @@@@@@
  4. setman

    Mission SQM

    Placed them in the Eden Editor It is in a Life Server And its any server I run on that server box Even if I take the mods off
  5. setman

    Mission SQM

    That did not help
  6. Hey Guys, I am working on a map and noticed today that when I hit the M key to look at the map, all my icons and markers are gone. I pulled the mission into the editor and they all show up in there. Where did I mess up? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I am trying to flatten my roads on my map. I pulled it into TB and used the red/green balls to make some of the roads flat. Then I saved it using the Map Frame Properties Packed up the PBO. The terrain did not change. Do I need to do it in L3TD and then re import it? Thanks
  8. Having a issue when trying to buy houses using this map with a Life RPG. Worked when it was on Lakeside, but just changing the map only does not work Any help
  9. Thanks guys, turned out being something with one of the mods. Reinstalled all the mods and it worked.
  10. Hey, I am still using the 2d editor, and the mission file that I am working on if you go into it in the editor it is fine everything is in place. But when I load it on the server, the items that I added npc's, info boards a few buildings are a couple hundred feet in the air. Any ideas?
  11. Make sure you have the CBA in there too
  12. This is what is on line 8 disabledAI = true;
  13. I am trying to pack up my mission with pbo project, but it keeps coming up with this error: In File (Mission Name)\description.ext: Line 8 true and false do not exist Any ideas?