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  1. Dulgan

    Flying bodies Physics Mod

    Any video of it ? If it's just for fun I think it'll be enough to entertain me, no need to install it ;)
  2. Dulgan

    Server side signature

    Thanks for your help, I'll try it asap
  3. Dulgan

    Server side signature

    Yes that's what I did (batch file creating keys), but I'm not able to verify signatures with DSCheckSignatures, it give me a signature not file message (depsite there is a signature in the given folder for each mod) Will it work even it DSCheckSignature is not able to find them ?
  4. Hi all, My community already have a way to properly sync all players / server / HC mods an keys, but we're using a wide variety of addons and some of them don't have any bisign... So currently we didn't put on the signature check on our server. The problem we're facing is that some players are coming in our server without up to date addons and that could cause a LOT of problems. So I tried to solve the problem by signing addons with our private key like I thought it was described here : http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Armed_Assault:_Addon_Signatures#Advanced_usage_scenario:_Server_keys in the advanced usage server section. What I did : 1) Copy all pbo in a test folder 2) create my own private/public key couple 3) Sign all addons with this key and put these keys in an other folder 4) Check this with "DSCheckSignature my_pbo_folder my_bisign_folder" Result : "No signature found for my_pbo_folder/mod" for all pbo in the my_pbo_folder folder. Any idea on how to achive what I want to do in a simple way, like a global key or something ? Thanks, Dulgan CPC - Conflit de Canard
  5. Well, it's not "not working", their bullets suppress me, and they move with correct behaviour, but only after beeing directly hit
  6. Update to what I said yesterday, IA behaviour is good with HC on dedi, BUT they wait to get one bullet ON THEM before moving and find cover. Is this the standard tpwcas behaviour ? I don't thinks it was working yesterday, but today with a new version of the VTS mission, this is what I get. And here are the logs : server : http://www.mediafire.com/download/924u75i42814s2c/arma3server_2013-11-11_09-00-37.rpt hc : http://www.mediafire.com/download/ztql5jwx8v8out7/arma3_2013-11-11_09-00-39.rpt and mine client side contained that about tpwcas : "0 twpcas mode init check: Server: [false] - MP: [true] - tpwcas_isHC: [false] - isNil tpwcas_mode: [true]" "0 waiting for twpcas client mode variable set by server" "JayArmA2Lib: ACTIVE" c:\w\c_branch\poseidon\futura_stable\lib\ui\uimap.cpp DisplayGetReady::Destroy:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! ... "############################# co166_vts40_A3_beta21 #############################" Fresnel n must be >0, given n=0,k=10 ... Fresnel k must be >0, given n=2.51,k=0 ... "15.149 twpcas client mode set to tpwcas_mode: [2]" "15.149 enabled tpwcas client mode: tpwcas_mode = 2" ... "20.202 - TPWCAS_A3 v5.2 Initiated - tpwcas_mode: [2]" "20.756 - TPWCAS_A3 v5.2 Mainloop started" "20.756 - TPWCAS_A3 v5.2 Active - tpwcas_mode: [2]"
  7. The behaviour, I begin to know what AI should do when fired, and with HC the mod is just not functionning. I didn't test debug because other clients were presents and I didn't want to disturb :) I'll post RPT asap.
  8. Hi there, I gave it a shot on a dedi + HC with mode 2, it still doesn't work with this configuration, but works fine without HC ;) Any other idea to improve that part of the addon ? Thanks for your work !
  9. Thanks for your update, good to see that you keep on fighting :) Could you please package the latest version, I'll test it on a dedicated server with HC asap !
  10. We're using the stable branch (so no asr ai update for now), and yes, the HC keep launching the first mission launched by the server, no matter what you try to do to avoid this, you'll have to login as admin, go back to missions selection and attribute HC slot manually, otherwhise nothing works as expected ^^
  11. We gave it another shot on our dedicated server with this time MCC to spawn units. MCC allows mission maker to spawn IAs either on headless or server. HC still doesn't care of tpwcas where server does...
  12. I'm just putting the same tpwcas/tpwcas_v2.hpp in HC, Server and clients userconfig folder. Debug mod = 2 & tpwcas_mode = 2; The tpwcas.pbo is in an addon pack (it is correctly launched as it works when HC is out). I then launch VTS mission beta 17 (18 still buggy without HC), and spawn a group of 8 units. When firing between them they don't react. When hitting one of them they're looking for the source (vanilla behaviour). Without HC and the same test, IAs show debug balls, smokes and flags and are facing the player shooting as soon as a bullet fly toward them.
  13. Thanks a lot for the mod packaging, I made a few test on it and unfortunately it seems that it still doesn't work with HC. At least there isn't any debug balls over AI handled by HC, and they don't react over suppression fire. Again as soon as HC is out, even if IAs were handled by HC at the disconnection of HC, debugs balls and IAs behaviours are working as expected. Without any HC the mod still work really fine ;)
  14. Thanks a lot for the update, I'll give it a look asap. Is this script version conflicting with the mod version ? If it is, is it possible to have a mod version ? Thanks again, can't wait to test it :)