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  1. Any word on how well these either of the factions work in ALiVE? I have some aggression I need to work out :)
  2. Is there any possibility you might release what you have as-is as an early WIP alpha, to get people trying it and testing? If not, I'm sure we all understand and look forward to the eventual release date. :)
  3. superfluid

    Reign Of Jurassic Mod

    This + ALiVE mod would be too awesome for words.
  4. Is there an established channel for submitting requests to support certain community maps? In particular I'd love to see one of my favorite Arma 2 maps, Aliabad, get the ALiVE treatment. Apologies if this has been covered already; I made a good faith effort to find the information myself on the forums and the ALiVE wiki but no dice. Second question is, is there any documentation on, or will there ever be a method via which end-users can themselves make a map be supported by ALiVE? For instance if a particular map isn't yet supported, could we add that support ourselves somehow (just so we don't have to wait for the next release to get support for a map). Failing that, it'd be cool if the map-support files of ALiVE could be forked off into their own separate mod, which could be updated more frequently. Anyway, just my humble request :) You guys are killing it, keep up the great work!
  5. Alduric, could you elaborate on what you mean by "making few of ArmA 2 maps working much better with my A3MP"? What does this mod change?
  6. Shit man -- that sucks. Definitely makes me consider starting an off-box backup of my important stuff right now.
  7. superfluid

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Awesome stuff guys! I'm continually in awe of what your team and the ALiVE guys can crank out in such a short amount of time. Happy to hear about the MCC compatability. I know it's probably not super important to you but IMO it's in the same spirit as ALiVE, and if it's not too much effort to maintain I think it's well worth it. Open-ended sandbox play ftw, its honestly why I continue to play Arma.
  8. superfluid

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Has anyone been able successfully use these units with the MCC Mission Wizard? When I try to use the factions from the AGGRESSORS pack, I get the message "MCC: Mission Wizard Error: No group available in the selected enemy faction".
  9. superfluid

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Had a play with The Aggressors last night in Takistan after merging the sample misison, and wow, I had a blast! Thanks again for the future hours of pleasure I will derive from this :D One tiny, nitpicky suggestion I have would be to consider splitting middle eastern irregulars into two factions. One faction with Taliban-like dudes wearing afghan/pashtun tunics, turbans, and pakol hats. These would be suitable for open desert and rural environments. Another al-Qaeda-like irregular force faction sporting the shemaghs, balaclavas and more conventional simple western clothing (t-shirts, jackets, jeans, etc), which would be nice for CQB/FIBUA scenarios. Basically the difference between a conflict in Afghanistan/Pakistan and say city-fighting in Iraq or Syria.
  10. superfluid

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Mother of god... Congratulations and hats off to you sirs! You've made a lot of people happy today :D
  11. I think I found the culprit. I'd generated a p3d file at some point in my development (one that wasn't working), but somewhere along the line my oxygen path got messed up in the settings and I wasn't generating new p3d's. :( In any case, I think I know what to look for now LOD wise and am confident there's nothing wrong with the toolbox. Thanks again for the help! :) /salute http://arma.quartermoa.com/mods/tacticalcube.png (1790 kB)
  12. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your having a look. I feel like I'm really close to getting this working. After posting I redid some things. As you mentioned, the p3d file I uploaded did contain a 0.000 LOD. Not sure how that happened (likely I'd cocked something up during setup). I just checked again and it's no longer being exported (which is good). I went through and double checked again, now I can see my model but I can still pass through what ought to be Geometry. Anyways, I started from scratch with the latest Arma Toolbox, attempting to model a simple cube with a very simple config. Same idea, two objects, one is Custom LOD (1) and the other is the Geometry LOD (with a single Component01). Double checked in oxygen that I do in fact only have the two LODs I should have. I can get the cube into the game alright and it does render, however I still end up being able to clip through it. :( I feel like I must be missing something obvious here, but I'm not sure what it might be. I shouldn't need to add anything to the config.cpp to enable collision to take effect, should I? class CfgPatches { class Crate { units[] = {Crate}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.0; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class All {}; class Static: All {}; class Building: Static {}; class NonStrategic: Building {}; class TargetTraining: NonStrategic {}; class TargetGrenade: TargetTraining {}; class Crate: TargetGrenade { model="\building0\cube"; armor=20000; scope=2; displayName="My lovely crate"; } } I was perusing the .bitxt and it all looks sane, so I'm not sure what else might be missing, does anything look glaring here? BITXT: http://arma.quartermoa.com/mods/cube.p3d.bitxt Clipping: http://arma.quartermoa.com/mods/clip.png Cheers!
  13. Hello and thanks for the amazing framework to facilitate creation of Arma assets with Blender. As someone who can already work within Blender, it's a huge game changer. :) I should mention I'm a beginner to modeling for Arma in general. I'm excited to get this working and start cranking out some awesome stuff. However... I'm having some issues however with my model... I'm attempting to create a building. There are two objects on two different layers. The first layer contains the "Custom" LOD object. The second layer contains my "Geometry" LOD. The Geometry LOD has two "Components" (Component01 and Component02) vertex groups which belong to the Geometry LOD. My issues are as follows: I export and create pbo: - By default, when I spawn the object, I don't immediately see anything. By accident I noticed if I open and close the map I can *barely* see my object flicker for a split second. - There doesn't appear to be any collision, as if my Geometry LOD wasn't working. - If I delete the two vertex groups (Component01 and Component02) on the Geometry LOD0, my object *is* visible (and on the plus side the UV mapping seems to have worked *yay!*), however, still no collision. - Fire geometry seems to be having *some* effect, if I use my Geometry LOD as Fire Geometry instead I can see the bullets impacting more or less where they ought to be, and leaving bullet impact decals on the surface. So, I'm stumped at the moment, nothing I can do can allow me to collide with my mesh :S I'm using Blender 2.6.9 and Arma Toolkit 1.1. My files can be found at http://arma.quartermoa.com/mods/%40Building0.zip
  14. I haven't read the whole thread (oof, 53 pages) to see if this has been covered already, but I'm having issues getting my AI units to disembark from the CH147 Base. Most will get hung up near the bay door, but eventually get out with some coaxing. The last two units, however, appear get stuck while trying to exit via the right gunner door. Has anyone run into this before? Is AI/SP outside the scope of this mod? *Edit: stuck AI behaviour appears to not be limited to disembarking via the right gunner aperture, seems to happen to both sides.
  15. Seconded, basically the opposite of pick up (drop off), optionally with RTB along the same path it took to get there. Also would be nice to be able to set multiple waypoints, ie MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, LAND. Just to avoid those pesky AA emplacements/assets without micromanaging.